Banana Beach or SunBreeze?

Posted By: luv2snorkel

Banana Beach or SunBreeze? - 03/28/08 09:42 PM

We're trying to decide between Banana Beach and Sunbreeze and need some expert advice -- we've narrowed it down to these two based on price and they both have a decent looking pool. We don't enjoy the late bar scene - to bed by 11 to get an early start on the next beautiful day, so a noisy bar close would be a negative. Close to other hotels for restaurants, etc. is a plus. Can you please comment on either hotel to help us decide?

Thanks much.
Posted By: Otteralum

Re: Banana Beach or SunBreeze? - 03/28/08 09:48 PM

Can't go wrong either way. Sunbreeze closer to town, but Banana Beach has free breakfast. If you were planning on a golf cart anyway, Banana Beach rocks -- prefer walking everywhere? Sunbreeze. Cooking in your own room? Banana Beach. My preference is Sunbreeze with proximity to everything in town, but you may be different and a lot of boarders here love Banana Beach. It isn't that much further really.

Don't overthink -- you'll love either one.
Posted By: luv2golf

Re: Banana Beach or SunBreeze? - 03/28/08 10:11 PM

I agree, either one will be great. Banana Beach would be a little more quiet. Nice restaurant and bar away from the bulk of the rooms, so even if it were to get a little loud you probably would not be bothered by it. Also a wonderful beach and 2 great pools, friendly staff, nice rooms, good food and fun bar. The travel shop can arrange any tours or outings that you are interested in also. Have a GREAT trip and ENJOY !
Posted By: PalapaBob

Re: Banana Beach or SunBreeze? - 03/28/08 10:34 PM

I've stayed at BB the three times I've been to Ambergris and have had an excellent experience every time. You can't go wrong with them if that's what you decide. Sandra in Monkey Business is a huge help and a wonderful person! Far enough from town to be quiet, but not to far to walk either. Besides, there are lots of places to get a beverage on the way to San Pedro!
Posted By: J DOG

Re: Banana Beach or SunBreeze? - 03/29/08 11:49 AM

Easy pick, Banana Beach.
I stayed at Sun Breeze 1 nite & hated it, very noisy & loud late at nite. Much better beach area at B.B.
Posted By: SeeShell

Re: Banana Beach or SunBreeze? - 03/29/08 11:56 AM

I would agree on Banana - we always stay in the one bedroom courtyard suite and they are very roomy and have a large fridge and a coffee maker - a full condo - that way you can stock up the fridge with water and pop, whatever. I have never stayed at sunbreeze but the rooms look very small and its right accross from the airport and during the day you hear all the planes. We love to walk everywhere - i refuse to rent a golf cart and we have no problems - you walk off your meals!
Posted By: Otteralum

Re: Banana Beach or SunBreeze? - 03/29/08 02:03 PM

Are you all saying I need to exercise more? smile

What I have seen of Banana Beach -- it is lovely. You've all given luv2 some good feedback. If I were staying for more than my usual 4 days at a stretch -- I'm right there with ya. Since I usually stay at Ruby's when I go and like to eat in Central Park versus stocking a fridge, you can see where I'm coming from wink
Posted By: klcman

Re: Banana Beach or SunBreeze? - 03/29/08 03:41 PM

The only thing the fridge is good for, IMNSHO, is for keeping the Belikins cold for that first thing in the morning jumpstart!

BB can't be beat.

(Hi, Tim wink )
Posted By: margarita

Re: Banana Beach or SunBreeze? - 03/29/08 04:09 PM

Marty has great Maps & google earth awesome aerials on this website.
Banana Beach is definitely in a less noisy & less traffic area.
How important is the pool to you?
Banana Beach Pool is inside the contained courtyard no good view of Caribbean Sea
Sunbreeze pool is out in the open sourtyard with views of Caribbean Sea
Both show up on google earth - Sunbreeze shows good on aerial photo of town - BB is south photo doesn't show up well IMO
Belize it!
Posted By: SeeShell

Re: Banana Beach or SunBreeze? - 03/29/08 06:12 PM

I am just saying I need more exercise and Banana Beach's walk to town and back - works off dinner - also I like to walk the beach south every day down to What a View (the yellow house). The only down side to BB is the pool which is usually cold and the beach over there is not much - so I walk some more to Caribe Island or Victoria House to swim. You'll see me walking April 11 - 19
Posted By: Otteralum

Re: Banana Beach or SunBreeze? - 03/29/08 06:21 PM

Just bustin your chops SeeShell. wink I agree the walk is really nice (it just cuts into my drinking time). I'm envious of your trip coming up frown
Posted By: Ernie B

Re: Banana Beach or SunBreeze? - 03/29/08 06:33 PM

Otter, since when did ANYTHING cut into your drinking time? grin
Posted By: luv2snorkel

Re: Banana Beach or SunBreeze? - 03/29/08 08:05 PM

Thank you all so much for the great info. I'm leaning towards Banana Beach, but don't like that their pool is in the middle of the courtyard - that screams Shade.

What about the Royal Palms Villas condos that are two doors down from Banana Beach?
Posted By: klcman

Re: Banana Beach or SunBreeze? - 03/29/08 11:13 PM

don't let the shade concern's possible to get more late afternoon sun there than on the beach.
Posted By: AlJ

Re: Banana Beach or SunBreeze? - 03/30/08 12:45 AM

We were at Banana Beach in FEb. I thought it was very nice. Its about 1.2 miles to town but the beach bars help break it up. The service was great. Food in the restaurant was great. That's handy when you don't feel walking to riding to town.

Don't know about the other one.
Posted By: SeeShell

Re: Banana Beach or SunBreeze? - 03/30/08 02:31 PM

The shade is mostly over the pool and one side or the other will get sun by the chairs - dont let that put you off. I stayed at Royal Palms about 3 years ago and I did not like it. No service - zero - no restaurant - nothing - and no one but me was at the pool ever - makes for bad people watching - not to mention the chairs had no pads and they were uncomfortable. Sorry but it was not my favorite.

Yea - I love to eat esp. the great food in SanPedro - so all that walking lets me eat more! (and drink more belkin!)
Posted By: SeeShell

Re: Banana Beach or SunBreeze? - 03/30/08 02:37 PM

AIJ - your pics are great. I must tell you i went to Costa Rica in Nov 2007 and it was very nice - we were at Playa Hermosa - almost as good as Belize and AC - almost.

Posted By: ibbrian

Re: Banana Beach or SunBreeze? - 04/01/08 12:59 AM

Was at BB for 11 nights in Feb. Monkey Business is a first class operation and the breakfast package is great. Only issue I had was the noise from some of the air conditioning units outside. We had a courtyard room and the outside windows faced the El Divino building. I don't like A/C and prefer to sleep with the windows open. Other than that, everything was great. I also like to walk and spent a lot of time walking the shore line fishing from BB north to the cut. Caught fish, too.
Posted By: SirenSong

Re: Banana Beach or SunBreeze? - 04/01/08 05:11 PM

We really like BB and are going to stay there again this year! The breakfast is great. I would also recommend eating at El Divino's for additional meals. Great food, great prices. By the by, we stay in a balcony room, which also has a fridge and is a little cheaper. The smaller pool is fantastic. No one uses it, and it provides nice cool shade in the hot afternoons. Have fun!
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