Here We Go Again

Posted By: Nancy1340

Here We Go Again - 04/16/08 06:44 PM

Well just when I had given up (and tossed all my info) on our trip to Belize FTWB said just this morning "Hey why don't we go to Belize next week?"!!!.

Soooooooo we are in regroupe mode today. With me in charge of finding a room and a giving warning report.

Anything new I should know before I start this new search?
We do not like resorts and prefere homey (read; kinda cheap and fun) places right on the beach. We're old btw so too much fun might kill us. LOL
Posted By: KC Jayhawk

Re: Here We Go Again - 04/16/08 07:10 PM

We love Exotic Caye . .right on the beach, Monkey Bites cafe downstairs for great breakfast and Crazy Canuck's for libations and live music. Close enough to town to walk and far enough south to escape. And not too pricy! Don and Carol run a great place!! smile
Posted By: cakelee

Re: Here We Go Again - 04/16/08 07:18 PM

I would guess that with a week's notice, you could get a pretty good last minute deal from lots of places; just ask when you are inquiring.
Posted By: Otteralum

Re: Here We Go Again - 04/16/08 07:30 PM

you're old?? What the hell is FTWB?

I'm jealous. Have a great time.

If you want right in town for cheap -- just the bare necessities -- check out Ruby's.
Posted By: Nancy1340

Re: Here We Go Again - 04/16/08 09:10 PM

Old = 61 & 69. But FTWB has been a gym rat since he was 15 so he's in good shape. I'm not along with asthma and alergies. :-(

FTWB = Frank The Wonder Boy. He's so good to me that my cousin named him that. He hates it. LOL

Ruby's and Lily's are the two I was thinking about. We can afford "better" but seem to have a heck of a lot more fun in more........... ummmmmm economical places. 'Sides it leaves more money for beer and rum.
Posted By: Otteralum

Re: Here We Go Again - 04/16/08 09:11 PM

woman after my own heart -- have fun!
Posted By: Nancy1340

Re: Here We Go Again - 04/16/08 09:53 PM

BTW, I expect name tags on everyone next week and the week after just in case we can't make it down till then. Ya'll just have way too much fun down there. I want to be able to identify you. Besides that will help you remember who you are after night at Canuck's.
Posted By: azbob

Re: Here We Go Again - 04/17/08 02:47 AM

Oh yea, Ruby's! Great time in March for two oldies, me and my buddy 60 and 65. Met great people had a hell of a time and you are right. Staying at Ruby's saved us lots of money for Belikin's. If you are serious beer drinkers, buy a cooler and have the office call Belikin and they will deliver, by the case, to the hotel. Ruby's will add it to the bill. Ice available across the street at the mini mart. If you get a chance see my "trip report".
Posted By: Nancy1340

Re: Here We Go Again - 04/17/08 04:24 PM

Looks like we will be there next Wednesday. Yeaaaaah Buddy.

Posted By: belizegial

Re: Here We Go Again - 04/17/08 07:23 PM

Good for you Nancy1340!!!!!!!!!!
Posted By: Nancy1340

Re: Here We Go Again - 04/18/08 01:45 AM

Last year when I was researching a trip to Belize I read something about a man that is into snakes. Seems like it was near Orange district.
Anyone have any idea who I am talking about?
Also what is, in your opinion, best cave innertube, kayak, canoe float trip? Is there one near some of the Mayan ruins that is good?
Posted By: Nancy1340

Re: Here We Go Again - 04/19/08 03:16 PM

OK let me rephrase this and get a responce.

What cave tubing and what kayak trip would you send your out of shape 61 year old mother on? I can do some easy to mild hiking but with asthma and arthritis in both feet and knees anything that requires ropes and climbing on a lot of boulders is out.

Damn, If I had known I was gonna live this long I'd taken better care of myself. Can you have fun and to that?
Posted By: pamkillen

Re: Here We Go Again - 04/19/08 03:24 PM

Spend the night at cavesbranch and go on the river trip. Some easy walking and 7 miles of river, very little climbing.
Posted By: elbert

Re: Here We Go Again - 04/19/08 03:55 PM

I would send my grandmother on the cave tubing trip mellow and fun.
a little walk with a guide on a trail through the jungle carrying your intertube and the a gentle float down river through the cave to the point you left the van.
Shes would come back saying 'Damn that was a good time'.
Let me know if you want to take my grandmother and we'll dig her up.
Posted By: Mikeywaz

Re: Here We Go Again - 04/19/08 04:24 PM

Nancy, we loved Ruby's! You're right, it not just the price that's right, it's a great location and you can meet some great folks there. Have fun!
Posted By: Nancy1340

Re: Here We Go Again - 04/19/08 05:00 PM

Mikey, we were thinking Lily's over Ruby's. Did you look at Lily's? I think they are pretty close to each other.
Posted By: Mikeywaz

Re: Here We Go Again - 04/19/08 06:46 PM

We looked into it online, but didn't go into Lily's while there. Great location, too.

Posted By: Nancy1340

Re: Here We Go Again - 04/20/08 04:37 AM

Elbert, dig'er up we'll drag the old gal along.
Posted By: ScubaLdy

Re: Here We Go Again - 04/20/08 06:07 PM

Lily's and Ruby's are about 4 or 5 blocks apart. Very different atmosphere. I've stayed at Lily's, with a group of friends, and I think there is a lot more foot traffic than at Ruby's. But then if you choose Ruby's you might want to specify the beach side and the street side can be noisey. I think you would like either place.
Posted By: Barbara K

Re: Here We Go Again - 04/21/08 03:52 PM

Altun ha is probably the easiest of the Mayan Ruins. Not near the cave tubing though. 2 separate trips. Both worthwhile.
Posted By: Nancy1340

Re: Here We Go Again - 04/21/08 04:28 PM

ScubaLdy, The more I read the more I think it's going to be Ruty's. Thanks for the info.

Barbara K, I think we are going to take the bus/boat ride to Lamanai. If nothing else for the boat ride. Looks very interesting and beautiful. We may make more than one but with only 7-10 days who knows. We tend to wing it and it's always turned out OK so far. LOL

I made reservations ,just now, on Tropic Air from the International Airport to San Pedro so that is taken care of. I was afraid we might be cutting it close and get our luggage soaked with a afternoon shower on the ferry.

Where do most of the members of this board hang out? I'd sure hate to come all this way and not meet anyone that I have read about or talked to here.

Posted By: smiles

Re: Here We Go Again - 04/23/08 07:44 AM

hey is that Nancy Nida?
Posted By: Nancy1340

Re: Here We Go Again - 04/23/08 07:48 AM

No, sorry. My mother called me Nancy Kay when she was mad.
Posted By: smiles

Re: Here We Go Again - 04/23/08 07:58 AM

ok thanks lol
Posted By: snorkelgirl

Re: Here We Go Again - 04/23/08 03:16 PM


Lamanai would be a nice trip for you (in terms of asthma/arthriis), you don't have to exert yourself. If heat aggravates your asthma, be sure and dress in very lightweight (and light colored) material and bring your inhaler.
The pace is comfortable, so you should have a good time : )
Posted By: belizegial

Re: Here We Go Again - 05/03/08 10:52 PM

Waiting to hear your trip report Nancy1340.
Posted By: Nancy1340

Re: Here We Go Again - 05/07/08 03:34 AM

Welllllllll I have all the laundry done from our trip to Belize and repacked for our trip in the 13th to Panama. Did I ever tell you I love being retired?

We arrived on SP on the 23rd and checked into Ruby's Hotel. After we went through the mix up with the old name on the CC and the new name I tried to check in with. ARggggggggg

First thing on the agenda was to find Keli (I Do Weddings) and give here the mattress pad I brought down for her. It took three days but finally about 3PM we were sitting on our balcony and this lovely young lady jogging by stopped and said "Are you Nancy?". "Yes I am. Are you Keli?". We met at BC's ( not one of you had name tags on BTW!!!) and took Keli to dinner at Blue Water. Very good. Love the mussels. Yummmmy. A very nice young lady also. We enjoyed the visit very much.

On the 24th we rented a golf cart and ran up and down the island. We went as far north as the Rendezvous and had a lovely chat with the owner there. Wish we had had time to go back for dinner.

One day we went snorkeling at Shark Raye Alley and had a great time. If you had told me I'd ever be in the water with SHARKS Id'a told you to step awayyyyyyyyyyy from the pipe. I had a HUGE moray swim right up to me (OK maybe it was 3-4 feet away)!
Had a drink at Fido's south and then dinner at Fido's in SP proper. Great bartender and very nice dinner.

Went back to BC's and kept seeing this couple that looked sooooooo familiar. Hummmmmmm. Do I say HI or not? Still NO ONE HAD ON NAME TAGS. Kept trying to figure out who was who.
BTW who is the guy that wears a denim jacket with the Harley patch on it?

Bought a print from Island Dog. Nice guy. Really enjoyed talking to him. Felt like I knew him from reading about him here.

Next stop was Dangiga to drop off some goodies for Belizegal's family. Would loved to have spent a lot more time there visiting with them. William (son) was a perfect gentleman. Lot's of "Yes Mam's". Handsome too. Vanessa (daughter) a darling young lady. Very polite and such a beauty. Daddy needs to get a shotgun handy for when she starts dating. Mama was recovering from surgery so we didn't stay too long. Daddy is a Britt so he was fun. Are all Britt's a good way of course?
Stayed at Pal's. Owner used to be a school principal and a co-worker of Daddy, Belizegal's hubby.

On to San Ignancio for four more nights. Great view from the Cahal Pech Village Resort. But so much smoke the distance you can see is restricted. Use to be that way in lots of areas in the states too.

We visited the Cahal Pech & Xunantunich ruins. Breathtaking both.

When we were waiting for the flight in Dallas we saw a couple that just "looked" like they were going home to Belize. They were. John and Judy from Trek Stop. Very nice folks. We did stop by their place for a visit. If you have never been there at least stop by and see the wonderful butterflies they breed.
And not matter how much we put if off it was time to head back home. We stopped at Burrell Boom to have one last lunch of chicken, rice and beans. Then on to the airport.

Strange thing.........I see another lady that I had seen in San Pedro walking by Ruby's. On the flight home this lady kept looking back at me and smiling. Damn she looked sooooo familiar. Hummmmm? Finally FTWB says "Aren't the same people that were on the flight down?". Well DAMN!!! OK, I say "HI" and weren't' you........ "Yes we were" etc, etc. They go down from Cedar Creek Texas to SP every three weeks to fish. Man, what a rough life. Very nice folks. Did I tell you that they were at BC's too? I had at least 3-4 opportunities to talk to them and for some dumb reason didn't. I think I was so occupied in trying to figure out who everyone was at BC's at least.

And I am one of those women that will talk to a wall and get it to talk back to me!!! (((((BLUSH))))

The regulars at BC's probably know who I am talking about. I don't know if they post here or if they do what their net names are.

End of story is that we loved it and will be back when time allowes. Thanks to those that enriched our visit.
Posted By: belizegial

Re: Here We Go Again - 05/07/08 04:35 AM

GREAT REPORT NANCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted By: Hightide

Re: Here We Go Again - 05/07/08 11:59 PM

Not Nancy Nida that posted this but how funny, NN's middle name is Kaye also...
Posted By: Nancy1340

Re: Here We Go Again - 05/08/08 05:49 AM

Nancy Nida is probably around the same age as I am. Not too many young Nancy's around. LOL My brother named me afer the song Frank Sinatra , Nancy With The Smiling Face.
Posted By: belizegial

Re: Here We Go Again - 05/08/08 03:36 PM

And I think those words describes you too Nancy (-:

Posted By: azbob

Re: Here We Go Again - 05/08/08 08:08 PM

Had a gooooodddd timeeee didddd yaaaaaa?
Posted By: colomojo

Re: Here We Go Again - 05/08/08 08:10 PM

Posted By: Nancy1340

Re: Here We Go Again - 05/08/08 11:17 PM

Had a great time.
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