More cubans

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More cubans - 04/25/08 06:13 PM

Cindy just popped round and said more Cubans have landed.

8 men and 2 women (she thinks)

They are at the police station and are hungry thirsty and could use some fresh clothing.

She stopped by there to bring food and water and made sure it got to them, and asked me to please put the word out that anyone who can help then to get more comfortable please go there and do so.
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Re: More cubans - 04/25/08 06:40 PM

Can you furnish more information on the Cubans? Will there be some way I can send a donation via the internet to help? Let me know. I will soon be a resident and would like to help.
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Re: More cubans - 04/25/08 06:52 PM

As of yet I do not have any more information Harvey.

For donation paypal is a possibility and could see they got cash or what ever you decided you wanted the money to go for.
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Re: More cubans - 04/25/08 06:59 PM

STOP NOW. The reason a whole group of Cubans were unable to complete their journey is that people on this board could not resist gossiping and put those people in a political no man's land. Just leave it be.
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Re: More cubans - 04/25/08 07:09 PM

And please remove thread. I have no idea how.
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Re: More cubans - 04/25/08 07:27 PM

Why do you want the thread removed? Just don't read it. I think the others couldn't complete their journey because they ran into the reef. I didn't realize gossiping on this board was so powerful. We can put people in political no man's land just by discussing on this board? Amazing
Posted By: pamkillen

Re: More cubans - 04/25/08 07:29 PM

Hey if you feel your right to chat is more important than others right to freedom, go for it.
Posted By: tacogirl

Re: More cubans - 04/25/08 07:34 PM

Asking people to help chatting and gossiping are 3 different things.

As Cindy told the police when bringing them water and food " put yourself in their place. Wouldn't you appreciate the help."

This thread was not started to gossip or cause any harm.
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Re: More cubans - 04/25/08 07:34 PM

The Cuban and Belizean governments have an agreement stipulating that all Cuban refugees landing on Belizean soil be returned to Cuba. The more these peoples plight is publicized the more likely it is that the agreement will be followed. Thus the request to remove the thread.
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Re: More cubans - 04/25/08 07:56 PM

i know you meant well, taco, but i'm pretty sure they are correct. sorry.
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Re: More cubans - 04/25/08 08:19 PM

Any one of the moderators is welcome to delete the post asap. I am not showing that option.

As I mentioned earlier this was never meant to cause harm or gossip just to get people who can to go help people who need it.
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Re: More cubans - 04/25/08 08:28 PM

Some folks really need to stay more up-to-date on current events. The new leader of Cuba has recently lifted the travel restrictions on the "regular" citizens of Cuba. Cubans are now allowed to travel outside of Cuba without any of the former governmental paper work which restricted travel to the politically connected citizens.

They are allowed cell phones, tools for planting gardens (previously restricted to gov approved farms), they can stay in "tourist only" hotels now, computers are allowed now.

Granted, the average Joe still cannot afford most of these items. But the tide is turning. The new Cuban leader doesn't really care if these Cubans come back or not. In fact under the new rules for travel if a Cuban stays gone for more than one year then they must apply to come back.

I don't think discussing them here will have any negative impact on these people.
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Re: More cubans - 04/25/08 08:29 PM

nobody who knows you would ever accuse you of such a thing tg -- nobody!
Posted By: SP Daily

Re: More cubans - 04/25/08 08:29 PM

That news is out all over the place...not from your post. Don't worry about it.
Posted By: Dita

Re: More cubans - 04/25/08 08:32 PM

TG & TB have got to be by far 2 of the most caring people I have ever met....they would kindly give you the shirt off their back if they thought you needed it.....

You creating an issue with your post is the farthest thing from reality!
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Re: More cubans - 04/25/08 09:03 PM

Shuffles and I just got back from the police station we dropped off a load of clothing toiletries and fruit. The police were very nice and helped us take the stuff directly too them. Other people have brought food not sure what else.

Posted By: Bobber

Re: More cubans - 04/25/08 09:16 PM

A special blessing to those who are concerned enough to help.

Posted By: elbert

Re: More cubans - 04/25/08 09:28 PM

I say expose wrongs and it will help make it right. I'm sure there is some validity to the argument that these people are harmed by the exposure. They want us to expose the wrong , someone go ask them if they think the exposure in the press is good and does it matter to them if they are the object/tool of the exposure. Cubans love their country, they risked their lives to escape but even though they have to flee the current problem, they want the problem fixed just as bad.
Posted By: azbob

Re: More cubans - 04/25/08 09:47 PM

Your caring and giving will only help. Thank you! Please keep us informed as to what really happens. With the changes beginning in Cuba, maybe refugees will be handled differently in Belize.
Posted By: elbert

Re: More cubans - 04/25/08 10:01 PM

oops 2838
I hope one was Raul. :-)

Posted By: tacogirl

Re: More cubans - 04/25/08 10:09 PM

I went back and brought a few more items like tooth paste and tooth brushes. Gave our number to the police to call if they need anything and we will try to get it.

The police station just called and said they need towels so that they can clean up.

I am sure that more clothing and maybe shoes would be appreciated if anyone has time to drop something by there and more food of course

update... got on the coconut phone and towels are on their way thanks to Shuffles.
Posted By: elbert

Re: More cubans - 04/26/08 12:01 AM

The moves Raul has made are minor and most believe they are cosmetic and solely for the purpose of giving the impression the oppression will end.
We keep up to date on Cuba fairly well and its still bad enough to risk your life setting out to sea in something like this:
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Re: More cubans - 04/26/08 01:58 AM

And that being the case Elbert, I'm not as convinced as you are that people that are willing to risk their lives that way, would welcome being exposed so that they have to be returned to Cuba, just to make their point.

What would be nice is if everyone would just keep quiet, find some way to secret the Cubans (each and every group of them) to a better destination with no return policy, and do all this before the police get involved.

Then, once they are safely away, tell all and expose all or whatever.

So, while in this instance, the Cubans are already with the police and TG is making sure they are clothed and cleaned, etc., mayhap if it had been kept off of the internet, the Cubans could still get away. Now, it's written and searchable.
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Re: More cubans - 04/26/08 02:21 AM

Posted By: SP Daily

Re: More cubans - 04/26/08 02:22 AM

They're headed to Honduras
Posted By: seashell

Re: More cubans - 04/26/08 02:38 AM

Posted By: Belize-N-Us

Re: More cubans - 04/26/08 04:05 AM


I'm not trying to split hairs here but cell phones, TVs, computers, electric appliances, garden tools and travel opportunities are a lot more than "cosmetic" changes.

I don't claim to be an expert on Cuban politics but I do follow this issue very closley as an interested posible investor and I have a close friend from Cuba. Many of her family members are still living there one of which I just met as he was in New Orleans for a visit. He offered to go back to Cuba with me as a tour guide "any time".

Many Mexican citizens also "risk their lives" trying to get into the US while at the same time many US citizens are moving to Mexico to live full time.

I'm just saying that just because some Cubans are in conditions that make them willing to risk life and limb to leave, that is certainly not the complete story. I think many people wrongly think that if given the opportunity most all Cubans would leave. That is simply not the case.

Posted By: Outside Guy

Re: More cubans - 04/26/08 04:32 AM


From what I understand, the Cuban peso is so devalued that most people on the island have an extremely difficult time paying for their most basic needs. While Castro may have granted them access to cell phones and TVs, many residents have nowhere near the means to afford those things.

I have to agree with Elbert that the travel restrictions are also a cosmetic change. Your average everyday Cuban is not going to be able to afford to go anywhere. Raul can say that every Cuban is allowed to buy a Mercedes, but that doesn't mean much to people who can barely afford toothpaste.

I agree that most Cubans do not want to leave their country. Many have a connection, just as I have a connection to the US. I know its not perfect, but no place is.
Posted By: Belize-N-Us

Re: More cubans - 04/26/08 12:17 PM

"While Castro may have granted them access to cell phones and TVs, many residents have nowhere near the means to afford those things."

Castro hasn't granted access to anything. I stated earlier that the average Cuban citizen couldn't afford these new luxries. As far as being able to afford travel, now family members living abroad can at least pay for their family to travel/leave if desired.

I realize that the Cuban government has a long way to go but everyone must admit the snowball is starting to roll down the hill. I don't think these Cuban refuges would be wisked away to some dungeon even if they were deported back to Cuba, which they won't be.

Neither the Belize government nor the Cuban government is going to be willing to spend the money to send these folks back. And discussing them here will not negatively impact them. Suggesting that the local Belize people should some how keep secret the arrival of Cuban refuges is ludacrous.

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Re: More cubans - 04/26/08 02:22 PM

Good point 'Belize n us',
No Cubans have been sent back to my knowledge.
Belize looks at the situation of the agreement with Cuba to send them back through a loop hole. They technically weren't headed here and are a ship in distress seeking aid to continue on their journey so we help a distressed ship sometimes even when the ship isn't still around ;-) .
The sad part is the lie and sucking up to Cuban for Aid, in light of their wrong doing.
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Re: More cubans - 04/26/08 03:25 PM

Off topic but Belize-n-us if you are to become future Belizeans you might want to correct the misspelling on your signature
Posted By: Belize-N-Us

Re: More cubans - 04/26/08 03:50 PM

Thanks english teacher Phil.


Mrs. Fuller (english teacher) would be so ashamed of my spelling and punctuation skills or lack of them rather.
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Re: More cubans - 04/26/08 03:59 PM

Cuba accuses US officials of fabricating protest in Havana
2 days ago

HAVANA (AP) — Cuba is accusing American officials of fabricating a small protest in Havana this week and of financing other actions against the communist government.

U.S. officials say they "deplored" Cuba's handling of a protest by the wives of 10 political prisoners. Policewomen carried the women to a bus and took them home.

But the Cuban Foreign Ministry blames the U.S. for encouraging "a small number of counterrevolutionary elements." It notes that U.S. President George W. Bush has praised the protesting group, known as the Women in White.

Cuba's statement Thursday in state news media also alleges that U.S. officials have increased aid to Cuban dissidents, such as giving them radios, literature, T-shirts and access to computers.
Posted By: Sir Isaac Newton

Re: More cubans - 04/26/08 04:06 PM

Tampa, Florida - As a child, 20-year-old Todd Wiseman made movies using his family's VHS camera and now the young NYU filmmaker is documenting life in Cuba. Wiseman spent a semester on the communist island and was there during the change of power from Fidel Castro to his brother Raul.

Wiseman's bed in his Tampa home is covered with mementos of the three month long trip to Cuba. There's Cuban currency, issues of the government run newspaper “Gramma” and pictures of friends he left behind.

"I didn't appreciate everything I have here until I came back,” says Wiseman.

Wiseman traveled along with seven other film students from NYU. The Freedom High School graduate shot a documentary on how the Cuban people cope under the U.S. embargo.

"The name of my film is called 'Improv Island,'” says Wiseman.

Wiseman says many Cuban people oppose the blockade. One man told him it's immoral to play politics with food and medicine. Yet Wiseman found Cuban people have learned to cope, "They're such a resilient people. They repair what's broken not waste what they have."

Wiseman saw that resourcefulness in how Cubans fix 50 and 60-year-old cars. "They're American cars. We have a blockade so they can't get the parts. They're inventing parts, they're inventing things."

Wiseman found Havana's buildings needing repair too, even those set aside for tourists. Wiseman says he lived in what Cuba considered a 5 star hotel, but it had no air conditioning and had breaking elevators. Despite the poor living conditions, Wiseman says not all Cubans hate Fidel Castro or his brother, Raul, Cuba's current president.

"The people there will never overthrow the government," thinks Wiseman. He adds, "In Cuba [they have] 98% literacy rate, there's free health care everyone has a house."

Still he says what the people get for free has its price. "Their health care is not the best, their transportation is in a terrible situation," adds Wiseman. "This is still a communist society. They don't have the basic rights of freedom of speech and they can't leave the country."

Wiseman says Cubans can teach others a lesson in doing more with less.

"I'm not upset I have a car or air conditioning. But it makes you think you don't need it to live. These people are still happy in face of all their problems."

While in Cuba, Wiseman also made a music video for a popular island hip-hop group called “Doble Filo.” The group is paid by the Cuban government. Wiseman says the government paid $200 to make the video.

Wiseman plans to keep in touch with many of the friends he made during his three month stay and hopes to return to Cuba. He graduates this year, his dream is to direct feature films.

Changes in Cuba:

New Cuban president Raul Castro has promised to end, “excessive prohibitions.” In the last few weeks, Castro has lifted the ban on Cubans owning electrical goods such as rice cookers, microwave ovens, DVD players and computers. Cubans can now own cell phones. They can stay in hotels once saved for tourists. Critics say the only problem is Cubans don't make enough money to afford these things.

Other changes include state workers can own their homes and pass them to their children, but still can't sell them. Farmers have more say on how to use their land. There are rumors the Cuban government may lift travel restrictions.

Posted By: elbert

Re: More cubans - 04/26/08 04:23 PM

This seems like old news your cutting and pasting from the internet SIN.
you can get a yahoo alert for the word 'Cuba' and they keep you posted daily.

Posted By: SP Daily

Re: More cubans - 04/26/08 04:39 PM

Originally Posted by elbert
The sad part is the lie and sucking up to Cuban for Aid, in light of their wrong doing. sound like an old time Bush/Cheneyite. Belize "sucks up" to the US too. Is that OK?
Posted By: elbert

Re: More cubans - 04/26/08 04:48 PM

No its shameful
Cuba is being bad and US is being even bigger bully.
Posted By: seashell

Re: More cubans - 04/26/08 08:55 PM

Well, OK, that's good news then, if the Cubans aren't being returned to Cuba.

My concerns arose from when Elbert posted about his Cubans.

Why is that so many of you were concerned that Elbert's Cubans were in Hattieville prison, potentially waiting for repatriation?
Posted By: seashell

Re: More cubans - 04/26/08 09:33 PM

If I recall correctly, it was also local boarders that had the concern.

But you were there at the time, why didn't you tell them the "facts", so that they wouldn't be concerned anymore?
Posted By: elbert

Re: More cubans - 04/26/08 10:02 PM

I got a few gringo residents hot at me over the last boat landing :-)
Or was that the boat before last ...sure have been a lot of boats , don't they know they can have cel phones now. Raul has given the privilege of using the phone to the people,why leave now?
It gets confusing listening to all those opinions.
I'm still of the opinion publicize it big time.
fyi the meter just hit 2857.
want to hear from some cubans who manage to get on line.

Posted By: SP Daily

Re: More cubans - 04/26/08 10:18 PM

They're gone now.
Posted By: elbert

Re: More cubans - 04/26/08 10:23 PM

As in the Cubans have left the building?
Posted By: shuffles

Re: More cubans - 04/26/08 10:36 PM

Posted By: seashell

Re: More cubans - 04/27/08 12:40 AM

Jesse, you might want to read this older thread over again, particularly what shows up as Page 2 on my computer (don't know if it will be the same on yours).

I've printed off a copy of it, for my reference.


Posted By: elbert

Re: More cubans - 04/27/08 11:38 PM

This was interesting from ABC
I visited the blog they are talking about , wow real insight and honest views.
Posted By: Marty

Re: More cubans - 05/02/08 12:41 AM

from the Chamber of Commerce
two Cuban boats are at the BoatYard. The handmade design is remarkable, and traveling across the open ocean packed with refugees is an amazing and dangerous feat.

One is made with aluminum sheets and the other is plywood:

[Linked Image]

Posted By: azbob

Re: More cubans - 05/02/08 01:12 AM

Elbert, what a great find and what a brave young woman: Generation Y!
Marty, I never saw a "Cuban escape boat" until I was in SP. Amazing how the "boats" make it. I wonder how many don't make it and we will never know?
Posted By: Sir Isaac Newton

Re: More cubans - 05/02/08 06:12 PM

Computers go on sale to general public in Cuba for 1st time

1 hour ago

HAVANA (AP) — Cubans are getting wired. Computers went on sale to the general public on the communist island on Friday and potential consumers were lining up outside store windows to gawk and consider buying.

President Raul Castro's government had authorized the sale of personal computers to average Cubans more than a month ago, but they were not made available until Friday.

Computer sales are the latest of a series of measures Castro has taken to make life easier for ordinary Cubans.

The new government also has erased bans on cell phones and luxury hotel room rentals, and has made it easier for state workers to own homes they once rented as part of their jobs. It also is letting more private farmers and cooperatives take a crack at putting fallow government land to better use.
Posted By: Bobber

Re: More cubans - 05/02/08 06:57 PM

Lord Almighty, could they be swinging a little bit more to capitalism? Hmmmm, what would the advantage be?

On the other foot,

Posted By: elbert

Re: More cubans - 05/02/08 07:52 PM

You can buy a cel phone or a personal computer or own your own home, but you make $2.50 a day........hummmmmm. Real freedom is money that will buy these things.
I'm happy Raul is changing but these things are just cosmetic for PR purposes.
I'm free to spend the weekend in the south of France,
just can't afford the ticket, so am I really free to do it.
Gosh suddenly I feel oppressed
Posted By: Bzedoll

Re: More cubans - 05/02/08 11:08 PM

Taco Girl I thank you on behalf of all my Cuban friends!!

I only have one question for all of you, "Have you ever heard a mother cry because the only way she could help her son was by leaving him behind?" I have and I would not wish it on anybody. I am just 24yrs old and a born Belizean but I would never wish that on anybody. These cubans "washing up" on our beaches breaks my heart. It is easy to sit at your computer and research facts about Cuba and post them here, but the truth is that is not helping any of them.

Please just remember that when these people get here it is better to just keep it as private as possible.

No one really knows what this people face in going back to Cuba!
Posted By: elbert

Re: More cubans - 05/03/08 06:06 PM
[email protected]
I've been reading your Blog, very nice.You are a courageous woman.
I applaud you.
We need your advice on the Cubans landing on our Beach. I live on Ambergris Caye to the south west of Cuba and we have had 5 or 6 boats packed with Cuban refugees land lately and the community is in debate about what we should do. Some say, 'keep it a secret and we might be doing harm to the refugees by making their arrivals public on the internet they could get sent back home.' Others say, 'Make it very public to shame the Cuban government for making its people so unhappy they have to risk their lives in this type of escape.'
You seem to be in the best position to advise us and we would all like very much to hear from you about this issue.

You can read and see it on :

Please let us have an opinion from you.
Elbert Greer
Posted By: elbert

Re: More cubans - 05/08/08 06:11 PM

Looks like Yoani has gotten a prize for her Blog.
she wasn't allowed a visa to accept the award.
"The fact that I am not there is more revealing of the Cuban reality than all of the posts I have written in my blog in all these months," she said. "But some day, it won't take courage to put down in writing all these things we are living today."
Posted By: Bobber

Re: More cubans - 05/08/08 07:01 PM

Elbert, looks like you cut through the opinions of the non-involved and went to a better source for the answer. Very astute. I will check this young ladies blog when I have a chance.
Posted By: elbert

Re: More cubans - 05/08/08 10:39 PM

check out the reason their called the 'y' Generation. :-) good one!
Posted By: ex,why z?

Re: More cubans - 05/10/08 05:15 PM

I didn't read every word in every post, but (there's always a but)i've spent some time in south Florida, and know most of the Cubans in San Pedro. I think we should advise Cuba that pro castro Said (he pinned a medal of FREEDOM?? on that murderers chest)is gone and that the freedom!! loving people of Belize wil no longer be sending his brave sailors back to Cuba, but will in fact welcome them.
Posted By: Marty

Re: More cubans - 05/26/08 11:24 PM

Posted By: elbert

Re: More cubans - 05/27/08 02:44 PM

Cool Video, I want one of those shirts. Hea that might make a good t-shirt. something that can be seen from the air ,that says 'Cuban':-)
Posted By: fuzzy_navel

Re: More cubans - 05/27/08 04:23 PM

Lol! That was actually my first thought too when I saw the shirt :o).
Posted By: seashell

Re: More cubans - 05/27/08 05:35 PM

I thought it was a scarf, like a bandana.
Posted By: elbert

Re: More cubans - 05/27/08 09:29 PM

2:30 What a beautiful day it is. The sea state has been awful this past couple of weeks but today its calm and clear. Its hard to imagine being out in a small overloaded boat in seas like we've had the past two weeks.
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