San Pedro Town Library

Posted By: pamkillen

San Pedro Town Library - 04/29/08 01:34 AM

Our printer has just died a slow and miserable death. I am wondering if there is anyone around who has a printer that they might be willing to donate to us. Many of the students and teachers at local schools ( especially RC) use our printer for papers and worksheeets. Thanks so much for your consideration.
Posted By: Nova

Re: San Pedro Town Library - 04/29/08 01:32 PM

So big items and electronic items get here, may or may not be valuable or usable here and end up in our waste stream that is just beginning to get managed and is overwhelmed. Items like computers and large plastics are toxic and seep in to the ground water. I am not saying to reject donated items but to be smart and make sure that what is coming makes sense.'s ok if you get electronics donated?
Posted By: dabunk

Re: San Pedro Town Library - 04/29/08 01:52 PM

Actually most computers from 10 years ago will still fit the needs of approx 90% of computer users for email, letter writing, etc. But everyone wants the newest brightest thing out of the box. So yes most donated computers will have many years of life here to help kids learn. I repair computers and printers for the local schools and friends. Most of it is donated by their families in the US who bought new and send the old stuff here that they cannot even sell at a yard sale for 5 dollars. But the kids do not mind, and they are learning. Just do not donate things you know do not work and are not repairable. I still use daily and old Canon Bubble Jet 200 printer, older than dirt, but prints black and white documents day in and day out.
Posted By: deadserious

Re: San Pedro Town Library - 04/29/08 02:54 PM

I could donate a brand new one shipped, but then you would get hit with import duty... if you have someone willing to pick up that, then let me know.
Posted By: pamkillen

Re: San Pedro Town Library - 04/29/08 03:35 PM

I am willing. Often if you send to the library, I can convince the brokers to let it in. That would be wonderful and very much appreciated. So many students and educators use the library services. i would love to let them know who their benefactor is unless you would rather not. Thanks so much again. You could PM me or just continue with information on this site, whichever you prefer. And, again, thanks
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