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Posted By: shred

Local Artist Papo - 04/29/08 03:36 AM

I fell in love with the painting hanging up at the Bay Side Bar,It's of Main street in San Pedro.I think the artist is named Papo.I've been looking for some of his work online but haven't found much.
Any links or more info on this artist work would be much appreciated.
Posted By: Teenah

Re: Local Artist Papo - 04/29/08 03:42 AM

Belizean Arts (in Fidos courtyard) usually has some of Papo's work for sale. They have a website that you can link up with
Posted By: Cooper

Re: Local Artist Papo - 04/29/08 04:19 AM

Used to be Papo had a Gallery on the 2nd street back from the beach on San Pedro..with the painted coconut frawn fish...his work is wonderful..I can check on that tomorrow...
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Local Artist Papo - 04/29/08 04:20 AM

I remember that gallery. Bought a painting from him there once, for a guest.
Posted By: Cooper

Re: Local Artist Papo - 04/29/08 04:22 AM

Try and do a google search...lots of info on him, his full name is Eduardo Papo Alani i Ila. I just entered ..papo artist belize...
Posted By: Phil

Re: Local Artist Papo - 04/29/08 03:53 PM

Papo Alamilla. He isn't running the gallery any more but it is still there. It's set back on Middle Street in a buiding behind those on the Street and is accessed by an alley to the side of Advantage Realty / C's Furniture. Rene's place, Island Excursions and Gallery, on Front Street next to Seaside Realty has more of Papo's work. Not sure if he has a web site though.
Posted By: suecate

Re: Local Artist Papo - 04/29/08 04:06 PM

I bought 2 paintings on saturday, they are beautiful. Got a turtle and one of the reef.
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