Looka likea man

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Looka likea man - 04/29/08 03:03 PM

I'm wondering if anyone knows this character that I ran into on my last trip to the island. We were eating at El Patio when this older thin genleman came up and started talking with us. He was funny and charming and just plain a riot.

His stories were about being stranded on Fiji during a war and eventually moving to Abergris because he missed the island life so much. He also wrote a book about his experiences and made sure to mention that his book couldn't be sold in the US stores because it had a toppless lady on the cover. I believe he said I could find the book at one of the stores down by the beach, maybe an art store? can't remember for sure.

I can't remember his name, nor the book title. Does anyone here know whom I'm talking about? I'd love to find him to get a few more stories out of him while I'm down in a couple weeks.
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Re: Looka likea man - 04/29/08 03:40 PM

Sounds like the Gentleman that owns Casa Amour (sp?) just past Fidos South. A family member of his posts on here under the house name or similar, and you should be able to find something using the search feature.
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Re: Looka likea man - 04/30/08 03:44 AM

it is the book titled "Kumshaw" written by Thom Kirkpatrick, unfortunately my grandfather recently passed away unexpectedly at his other home in Jacksonville, Florida last month, he would have been down in the island by now, and i know would have loved to meet you again, i cant recall how many times i would come home, and there would be complete strangers in the house. he would be telling them all his life's stories and about his books he has written, he truly enjoyed people, and AC.
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Re: Looka likea man - 04/30/08 06:19 AM

Sorry to hear about your grandfather. I believe the above mentioned book is in the gift shop at the Victoria House Resort. It's now up to you to pass on all those great stories!
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Re: Looka likea man - 04/30/08 09:27 AM

Truely sorry to hear about his passing.
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Re: Looka likea man - 04/30/08 08:06 PM

Sounds like a delightful gentleman whose legacy will continue... he's off telling great stories in his new surroundings.
Much peace,
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Re: Looka likea man - 04/30/08 08:45 PM

wonderful wonderful book. sorry to hear of his passing.
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Re: Looka likea man - 04/30/08 09:51 PM

Casa, very sorry to hear about your grandfather. Prayers for you.
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Re: Looka likea man - 04/30/08 11:19 PM

thanks to everyone for your thoughts and prayers, its been a long and difficult 6 weeks since his passing, my grandfather lived a long adventurous life, he watched Ambergris Caye grow from 450 people to now well over 16,000 people, he told me many stories about this island, and although the island has changed so much with new buildings growing, and development everywhere, he truly loved this island as much as he did the first day he stepped foot here.
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Re: Looka likea man - 04/30/08 11:39 PM

Condolences on you and your familyís loss Casa, itís never easy. Are you aware of a way his book is available to those of us who arenít on the island but once a year?
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Re: Looka likea man - 05/01/08 12:07 AM

Usually he would mail his book to people when he came back to the states, after selling all his copies in the island. If your going soon then check the gift shop at victoria house unless they have all been sold, he would spend all day walking up and down the beach with his bag of books and his Chinese pug, he would mostly sell his book by conversation with people, i might be able to mail you a copy, if your not going for a while... pm me if interested
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Re: Looka likea man - 05/01/08 12:19 AM

I'll be in SP next February, Iíll check VH.
Thank You!
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Re: Looka likea man - 05/01/08 12:36 AM

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