Costa Maya Reef Hotel help questions

Posted By: moset

Costa Maya Reef Hotel help questions - 05/24/08 03:59 AM

hello all, I will be in costa maya reef hotel in june, and I have some questions, I read here that I can order groceries from the store, is it true? what kind of groceries do they have (coffe, eggs, oil, soups etc? how expensive are the prices in the hotel's restaurant fon lunch or dinner?

sorry to ask all this but will be my first time there and my budget is a litte tight. if some body can help me whith the information will be great, thanks
Posted By: Coco Loco Lady

Re: Costa Maya Reef Hotel help questions - 05/24/08 01:18 PM

You can order groceries from Simon ~ I think to go to Costa Maya you have to place an order for at least $200 US. We usually do our own grocery shopping, I think it's Ritches that we use, they have always delivered the groceries to the dock at the time we've asked them to.
As far as prices for meals @ Costa Maya it depends on what you order, but I can eat for less in town. We do generally eat a couple of meals @ Costa Maya. Seems to me that the buffets are about $20pp.
We also always get the Island Ferry unlimited rides card. It had been $50pp, may have went up w/price of gas.
Have a great time ~ we love Costa Maya and have 2 wks booked up there for Feb.
Posted By: deadserious

Re: Costa Maya Reef Hotel help questions - 05/24/08 06:09 PM

Staying at Costa Maya it will be tough to eat cheap. In town you can eat lunches and smaller stands for just 2 or 3 US dollars if you know where to eat (and don't like to stuff yourself to the max). Also in town, you can find dinners that run between 5 to 25 USD (or more) depending on where you eat.

If you stick to the stalls (when they are open), roadside stands and hole-in-the wall places, you will eat very cheaply. But you'll only find those in town.
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