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Shipping Boat/Jet Ski - 06/01/08 10:51 PM

anybody have any information on what it takes to ship a boat/jet ski down from the states??
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I completely disagree with the above statement. Anyway for used boats you can get way better quality for better prices states side!!
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Re: Shipping Boat/Jet Ski - 06/03/08 03:57 AM

What is your resident status in Belize?
No import tax on Retirement program, but tax due upon resale: shipping via boat from Miami,20% +1% tax due on the value of the boat in Belize, plus also on the cost of shipping, so if looking at E Bay for instance, look in Florida, and for sellers who will deliver to the terminal and be "creative" with bill of sale and delivery fees?
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The duty varies depending on the item, but 20% is what it usually is. I would access Belize's customs website to make sure. On top of the duty you have to add 10% GST, and another 7-8% for envirmental taxes and other fees. So you'll pay around 38% of what you paid for the item in the US (plus shipping), not the value of the item in Belize.

The best way to ship is through Miami as Pug said. It's hard to find ebayers that'll deliver items to a non-confirmed address if using paypal, but a boat might be different. Take it to Hyde Shipping - Medley, FL. 33178. It will then float to Belize City and be ready for pickup about a week after you sent it. Get a broker, have all documents ready, and it's usually pretty easy to clear the item. Then you can barge it to San Pedro, or just drive the thing out there.

I'd estimate shipping cost from Miami to Belize City to be between $700-$1200, but you'll have to check that out yourself since I have no clue what size the boat is. A jet ski would be less.

Hope that helps.

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Re: Shipping Boat/Jet Ski - 06/03/08 02:00 PM

Would it be shipped in a container??? thanks for all the help...
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Re: Shipping Boat/Jet Ski - 06/03/08 04:24 PM

Customs will usually charge duty on shipping costs also.
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