May 25-June 1 Trip Report

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May 25-June 1 Trip Report - 06/03/08 06:19 PM

Since I used this message board a lot for information about my trip (even though I only posted once to get room recommendations), I thought Iíd post a quick review of my recent trip to Ambergris Caye.

What Iíve been telling everyone who asks about the trip is that during trip we had intermittent power outages, a day without any water, three days of tropical storm Arthur and we were stranded at sea on a boat that ran out of gas. All this, and we still had an incredible time.

We stayed at The Palms, and it was a wonderful choice. The location was perfect and the staff were great. We had the executive suite (room 21), and it was very nice. Our group was made up of 3 girls and one guy, so we enjoyed being close enough to town to go shop or to go out at night alone.

Other than The Palms, I also recommend Searious for tours. Nathaniel (our Lamanai tour guide) and Junior and Giovanni (our boat captains) were all very nice and knowledgeable. Nathaniel, in particular, really seemed to care about what he was doing and he knew the answer to every question asked.

My favorite meal was at Wild Mangoís, and we also had good food at the Blue Water Grill. The Mayan Buffet at Elviís was fun, too. We even had fun at Jaguarís nightclub, where I danced for the first time in a few years (due largely to the sheer number of rum drinks I consumed).

My overwhelming impression of San Pedro and Belize in general is of how nice the local people are. Everyone we met was friendly, and we really enjoyed talking to the locals and expats.

We were only approached by timeshare people once (probably because I went without my husband and was mostly out with the other girls) and they were friendly. We were very popular with the local men (I think simply being female helps here) which was flattering, and I appreciated the fact that they werenít near as pushy as men in other countries Iíve visited.

Iíd really like to return and do some more water activities. We put off a lot until the end of the week and were rudely interrupted by Arthur.

The water was beautiful, the sea grass wasnít as bad as I expected based on some comments on this board, and Iím worried Iím going to run out of Marie Sharpís before I can return. I envy those of you that get to live there, but since Iím 35 years from retirement (barring an inheritance Iím unaware of or an incredible housing boom in Dallas), Iíll have to make do with visiting.
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Re: May 25-June 1 Trip Report - 06/03/08 06:37 PM

This is where I get Marie Sharps.

I travel with only a carry-on, so with the rules for no liquids this allows me to get it in the States.
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Re: May 25-June 1 Trip Report - 06/03/08 06:47 PM

Glad to hear that you had a great stay. I love the Palms too and had Giovanni (who is great) as a guide on a couple tours. Highly recommend both.

On our last trip, our tour van broke down and we were stranded at the Belize Zoo for an hour or so, but it also didn't effect our experience negatively. For some reason, in Belize it's easy to let stuff like that just roll right off you.
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Re: May 25-June 1 Trip Report - 06/03/08 08:00 PM

It's Paradise! I'm glad you enjoyed if with the 'bumps".
I also order Marie's from Should have a shipment come in today.
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