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Posted By: ichyhuahua

Diving Question - 06/10/08 08:54 AM

I was wondering if anyone could tell me if it is possible to kayak out to the reef and scuba dive from there? I know it is not safe to even snorkel toward San Pedro because of the boat traffic, but I was thinking about maybe 3-6 miles north of town? I do want to take some dive trips, but I would also like the freedom to just go check things out on my own (with a buddy of course), without the time constraints of a dive trip every time. Any guidance or recommendations would be appreciated.
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Re: Diving Question - 06/10/08 12:48 PM

I was thinking that people did that from Costa Maya Resort. I don't know if their kayaks are for guest use only or if they will rent to a non-guest, though.
Posted By: Dita

Re: Diving Question - 06/10/08 12:58 PM

We did some snorkeling via kayak to the reef while staying up north at Capricorn a couple years ago. No issues with boats, etc.
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Re: Diving Question - 06/10/08 01:25 PM

For worthwhile diving you'd need to be outside the reef, and I don't think it would be a good idea to kayak out there. If you wanted to dive in shallow water I'm sure you could get to the reef, but you'd find it very difficult as you'd be so top-heavy. I'm not sure who'd rent you a tank though, as you're only supposed to dive with a guide.
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Re: Diving Question - 06/10/08 01:32 PM

That is good advice Pedro. What about the "you are only supposed to dive with a guide". For my information, is that a law or policy by dive operators? Just curious. Thanks
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Re: Diving Question - 06/10/08 10:36 PM

Have seen free divers north of cut - one almost got run over because he was in the "boat road" this means that boats travel out of San Pedro Town North & South along specific routes, I believe it is illegal but definitely unsafe to be in these boat waters especially if you are not familiar with area. Many boats are going very fast along these routes.
Most kayakers snorkel not dive. The tourist kayaks might not even hold all your gear safely.
IMO not safe to kayak & dive - if there is a medical emergency you are on your own miles from help.
Possible trouble with sharks if chum, fishing bait or fish parts get dumped overboard by passing boats.
Also milk jug of air marker is barely visible when boats are at high speeds - let alone human heads!
If you hire a guide you can take private dives when & where you like. We used to fish until hot, then snorkel, fish or shell some more then have delicious shore lunch and fish & snorkel back!
Check out Marty's map page on this website for dive sites up north //
Three of my favorite Mexico Rocks, Tres Cocos and the San Pedro Channel in town, this cut is deep and used to have a ship wreck, it is where we saw sea turtles swimming in & out through the reef.
Belize it!
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Re: Diving Question - 06/11/08 12:47 AM

Actually I've never seen it written that all dives have to be accompanied by a tour guide, but so far as I know that is the rule enforced by the Tour Guide Association (who have the authority of police officers).

Kayaking or swimming across a boat area is rather dodgy, because when these boats are travelling at speed the bow is raised and the captain has limited forward visibility. Where he expects to find obstacles he'll weave slightly to cover any blind spots, but by the time he's a mile from town he's probably stopped doing that. You don't realise just how invisible you can be in the water, even if the captain IS watching. A bright yellow or orange flag or signal tube is essential, sticking well out of the water and preferably waving from side to side.

Overall I wouldn't do it.
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Re: Diving Question - 06/11/08 02:24 AM

Thanks for all of your ideas and advice. I really appreciate you all taking the time to answer questions. I certainly want to be safe, so I will take your advice. Were would I find someone to do private dives? Is that through the dive companies? Or is it just luck in finding them? I have been to all the dive companies individual websites and I do not think I have seen private dives offered, but I will check again. How much more expensive is this option? Also, is there a website somewhere, or a list of laws/rules regarding the reef and/or water areas?
Thanks again everyone!
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Re: Diving Question - 06/11/08 04:31 AM

Any dive operator will arrange private dives or lessons for you. There'll be a minimum charge for tying up the boat, captain & guide - usually around the equivalent of four normal divers, but some operators charge more.

Will you be staying that far north, or were you just considering that as a possible safe area for kayaking? There are several operators up that way who'd be glad to help you - if you tell me just where you'll I can suggest the best for you.
Posted By: ichyhuahua

Re: Diving Question - 06/11/08 07:20 AM

I am staying 3 miles north of town. I was just considering kayaking farther north for safety and I actually just wanted to do some shallow diving up there. The price of private dives sounds reasonable but I plan to be in AC for 9 days and plan to take some regular diving trips, so I don't really want to spent that much for private dives. I was just interested in doing a little diving on my own, but its okay because I am sure the snorkeling is great, so I will just stick to that.
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