ALMOST THERE... final questions

Posted By: merc

ALMOST THERE... final questions - 06/12/08 11:14 AM

We've decided to follow your advice and just let the AC home owner make our airport transfer, golf cart, and pantry stocking decisions.

So now, we need help/advice for the optional stuff we are considering.

- zip lining
- cave tubing
- trips to ruins
- Deep sea fishing
- Not so deep sea fishing
- Scuba trips which include gear and include initial training for teens or, allow snorkeling for teens while certified adults dive
- Simply snorkeling which includes only transports(we have our own snorkel gear.)

Although my wife and I have been diving sites for 20 years(I was certified back in the 70s and she has only ever been "beach certified" we have dived the Aussie Barrier Reef, the Carribean many times, and have even done a cave dive.

However, we have two teens who although they are good swimmers and have snorkeled on a reef, have never been cerified.

Is there a trip where we can all have our cake, safely too?

Sorry, but more questions to come......

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Re: ALMOST THERE... final questions - 06/12/08 01:47 PM

Go to Chuck and Robbies. Your kids can do a discover scuba course that would allow you all to dive the Hoi chan reserve together. I did that with Robbie last year and will do it again next week. You are in for a great time. keith
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Re: ALMOST THERE... final questions - 06/12/08 04:58 PM

My daughter got certified with Patojo at the Tides and we were able to go with her for her open water dives. They also accomodated us with my son who was snorkeling. We also paid for an extra guide to stay with my daughter so we knew where she was at all time. New divers get excited and forget sometimes the safety rules.
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Re: ALMOST THERE... final questions - 06/12/08 05:29 PM


I have not been following this thread, but we are here in AC [arrived yesterday] and I wish I would have brought a few more things! I had read about the rice problems, so we brought several pounds as we are staying at a house here. But I didn't know that flour was also a problem, so as long as you are under the 50 lbs for the airplane, it might be a good idea to bring some flour and rice. I know the couple taking care of us [Mar and Alberto] were happy to see we brought our own rice [along with soy sauce, wasabi, cheese, decaf tea bags and vac packed milk].

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Re: ALMOST THERE... final questions - 06/12/08 05:50 PM

Both issues should be resolved by Monday.
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Re: ALMOST THERE... final questions - 06/12/08 11:43 PM

Protech does a great job with new divers.
Tanisha is a great company to go to Lamanai with.
Snorkeling at "Shark Ray Alley" is a nice trip.
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