NOTICE! Lago del Sol is Private Property

Posted By: Marty

NOTICE! Lago del Sol is Private Property - 07/03/08 01:22 AM


Lago del Sol is Private Property and legally owned by a Bona Fide Belizean Corporation. This lake is located in Mar De Tumbo across fromBanyan Bay in San Pedro Town.

It has been advertised in real estate website and in San Pedro as “Guarantee Lake View Condos.” People buying units based on this Assumption and Marketing Sales Pitch are HEREBY…...WARNED…..Any such ads. are Independent of the Owner and there is “NO GUARANTEE” of Lake View as this lake is on the market FOR SALE and is therefore Subject to any kind of Development including being FILLED IN.

Charles Payne
Posted By: Pedro1

Re: NOTICE! Lago del Sol is Private Property - 07/03/08 03:50 PM

Marty you should check what you put on the board -Charles Payne owns part of the Belizean company(that owns the lake) and the developer owns the other-Mr. Payne was offered a fair price for his part of the company which he refused as he wanted an astronomical amount of money for it-the developer has given his clients guarantess in writing that the lake will always be there-Mr. Payne being a shareholder can under Belizean law do nothing to stop this.Greed is a mortal sin.
Posted By: Charles Payne

Re: NOTICE! Lago del Sol is Private Property - 07/04/08 02:53 PM

I am so glad you said "GREEDY: Peter.....because that is exactly what got you guys in trouble. Hostile Take Overs in Belize...what next? Conspiring, breach of trust, breach of fiduciary duties, misleading advertising, etc. etc. etc.
But then again folks in San Pedro know who you guys are! Need I say more and make Marty's website a court room. Not my style….there is a proper forum for that. Just wanted to clear the air and your "Sweat Fever" statement!
Try signing your name sometime before making such statements.
Charles Payne
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