Learning .....

Posted By: Carib

Learning ..... - 07/22/08 06:49 PM

As a never-before-been-there-ite, I'm trying to pick up as much as I can about the mood, the ambiance, the psyche of those who call Belize their home.

After just having read the entire thread titled "JD (English painter, not Scots timeshare )",

I think I know reams more about you all than I did.

I look forward to visiting your Eden in January.

Posted By: Leah-Ann

Re: Learning ..... - 07/22/08 07:49 PM

Carib, just so you know, very few people who post here actually live in Belize. There are a few, but most of us just visit - some often, some once every few years. Once you get to San Pedro, you will find very few people you encounter have ever even heard of this message board. But we like it! smile
Posted By: Carib

Re: Learning ..... - 07/22/08 09:49 PM

I've become attuned to the folks and message boards of Isla Mujeres over the past 4-5 years .... many of whom are ex-pats and friends there...I've spent many wonderful days with them all....

The level of familiarity that was expressed toward JD was heart-breaking ... and not what I've become used to with my friends in MX .... nothing negative about them, but I detected a level of comaraderie with you all that warms my soul.

See you all in January .... of course, there WILL be more newbie questions along the way ...:)
Posted By: 6string

Re: Learning ..... - 07/23/08 01:59 AM

and interestingly enough, the locals are so very friendly, and also have a comaraderie that encourages you into their lives. I thought the same thing as you, knowing many people on here are "visitors" as we are, been to SP twice and already making plans for next spring... we like to think of it as our second home. Welcome, and have a super time in SP!!!
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