"Crazy" Don Turners birthday

Posted By: drummer dan

"Crazy" Don Turners birthday - 08/31/08 05:36 PM

For those who missed Dons' birthday at Crazy Canucks, well.... You missed it! Great fun and food! Don is also a very good sport for letting the kids water-balloon him!
Posted By: Tim Callanan

Re: "Crazy" Don Turners birthday - 08/31/08 06:24 PM

That was the best time I have had in a long time.Tina has already blogged the pictures and will add text later.Don your the best,happy b-day. Happy B-Day to Cindy,we were celebrating her day too. What a Blast.
For those that missed it check Tina's Blog.
Posted By: KC Jayhawk

Re: "Crazy" Don Turners birthday - 09/01/08 12:43 AM

I plan on water-ballooning Don when we are back down in November!!
Posted By: tacogirl

Re: "Crazy" Don Turners birthday - 09/01/08 11:42 PM

better late than never kc
Posted By: Island Life

Re: "Crazy" Don Turners birthday - 09/02/08 01:23 AM

Taco girl has some great pics too, that was so much fun.
Posted By: drummer dan

Re: "Crazy" Don Turners birthday - 09/05/08 05:01 AM

OK, for all of you who asked me to post them, here is the Top ten List from Dons party.
The Top Ten Reasons Don Moved From Canada to Belize.
10. To get away from those damn Hockey Moms.
9. Crocodiles are more fun that Kodiak Bears.
8. Secret desire to learn how to mix drinks.
7. To start the Belize Tobogan team.
6. Sand is warmer between your toes than snow.
5. Women look better in bikinis than snowsuits.
4. Palm trees don't shed pine needles.
3. Lost his job as a bullrider at the Calgary Stampede.
2. Secretly addicted to rolling dice.
1. And the number one reason Don moved to Belize from Canada.....
No extradition treaty!.....
Posted By: Michele in Playa

Re: "Crazy" Don Turners birthday - 09/19/08 11:41 PM

Hi all! We "just happened" to be in San Pedro this weekend and took part in both birthday festivities. I have a bunch of pictures posted HERE .
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