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Alberto Bradley's "Cristina" reels in victory
Despite the cloudy skies, the Blue Water challenge had the participation of 13 boats and a total of 40 anglers who embraced the fishing challenge on Sunday, October 13th over the Pan American holiday. And just after the horn sounded for the official weigh in, it was evident that Alberto Bradley’s monster shark stood a good chance to take the grand prize, here is a recap of the results.

This 200 pound bull shark was the biggest fish caught.

Shark slaughters, now that's a way to get the eco-tourism numbers up huh?
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I agree with the title! This is not good, I am a diver who's greatest fear is running into this fish but would rather see him under water than hanging from a hook getting his picture taken.
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Is there a move to turn tourism away from diving and back to making this a fishing village? It seems to me that fishermen charge a lot more for a day at sea than dive shops.
The pictue of the shark made my throat close up and my eyes water.
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That actually happened in Destin FL. We used to dive there every year, not so much for the great diving but because we could drive there in about 4 hours.

Diving has fallen off the map there. Almost all charter boats are now fishing charters. Diving is very scant there now and many of the good wreck sites will have fishermen posted up on them when you arrive to the site. A very dive unfriendly place now.

I'm sure that won't happen to AC but is a fact of life now in Destin FL.
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Excuse me, Destin's diving sucked anyway.
I dove there a lot. Their idea of a reef is dumped concrete chunks offshore.
They should be a fishing destination......never happen here.
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Sucks compared to diving Belize? YES.

Sucks compared to sitting on the boat fishing? Then it was not so bad.

I actually saw some neat stuff in the concrete bridge rubble but mostly we liked the "wrecks".

Doesn't really matter now anyway, because just like you said; after diving Belize most everywhere else will suck.
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