Chamber of Commerce minutes for 12/11

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Chamber of Commerce minutes for 12/11 - 12/12/08 04:03 PM

1) Crime Prevention Program

Steve Spiro, Committee Chairman of ACES, reported on the current status of a
Crime Prevention Program from General Gillett and Supt. Jefferies. We are
still waiting for a reply to the letter written to Gen. Gillett by Steve in
regard to promises made during a meeting four months ago here in San Pedro.

2) 2009 Boat Registration

Jim Oliver reported the Port Authority will be in San Pedro from Monday to
Friday, Dec. 15-19 to do vessel registrations and Captain License renewal.
Mrs. Longsworth and team are going to be located at the pier by the San
Pedrano Hotel.

3) New Chamber Website

Jim Oliver gave an overview of the new website and explained how to access
it if you did not receive the email password. He explained how to input
individual data and business information. He explained there is a problem
with more than 200 email addresses unless the site is upgraded and that is
being worked on now. The website is in progress but getting many good
comments. Large and Medium Business Members are being given the first
opportunity to place their ads on the site at no charge in appreciation of
their support of our Chamber.

Jim has not only created our new website, but has implemented the simplified
way to sending clickable Minutes. Now all Minutes are available for viewing
on the website, and a tremendous load has been taken off of Tom Vidrine. Our
thanks to Jim!

4) Guest Speaker on Crocodiles

Marissa Tellez gave an overview of her program "Crocks Rock" that will be
presented tonight in the conference room of the Sunbreeze Hotel. The
program is free to the public and is designed to be informative about
crocodiles, eco tourism regarding endangered species and dangers of
continuing the current course of action here in San Pedro.

Crocs Rock
Croc Talk on 11th of December
Sunbreeze Hotel Conference Room
Everyone who lives on San Pedro has a crocodile tale to tell, but very few
know quite as much about our neighbors, the American Crocodile, than
crocodile expert Marisa Tellez. The fascinating, frightening and ferocious
American Crocodile is endangered in most of North, Central and South
America, so we, in Belize, are incredibly privileged to have a healthy
population to protect and preserve.
Unfortunately, human activities are slowly encroaching upon the natural
territory of this prehistoric predator and unless we understand how to live
safely alongside the American Crocodile, conflicts and accidents are
inevitable. Scientists are carefully studying the American Crocodile as
they have the most powerful immune system on the planet and may hold answers
to some of our most difficult medical challenges such as AIDS.

Tourists who come to San Pedro are often excited to hear that they can see
crocodiles and find themselves attending crocodile feedings, which are both
illegal and dangerous - and not just dangerous for the bystanders.
Crocodiles that have been recently relocated from San Pedro to a specialist
crocodile sanctuary run by (ACES) American Crocodile Endangered Sanctuary
have been found to have been intentionally abused and injured by humans as
well as suffering from serious infections. This suggests that living so
closely to humans may not be in the best interests of crocodiles unless we
can learn how to protect and respect these magnificent and ancient

Marisa has spent a great deal of time in Belize studying the crocodile
population and is coming back to San Pedro for a second time to help raise
awareness and provide information about why the American Crocodile is so
important to San Pedro and why we need to do everything we can to conserve
the species. She will be doing a number of talks at local schools as well
as a larger event aimed at those who are interested in the general public
and those who deal with tourists on a regular basis. Nothing impresses
tourists more than having a wealth of up to date information on the local
flora and fauna of San Pedro.

On the 11th of December at 7pm, Marisa Tellez from the UCLA, will be
speaking at the conference room at the Sunbreeze Hotel, who have kindly
donated the space for this purpose. This talk is free. It is also
extremely entertaining. Marisa is an excellent speaker and her enthusiasm
for crocodiles is hugely infectious. If you would like more information
about this talk or if you would like to arrange to have Marisa visit your
school, please contact Colette Kase on 624 8251.

5) Mainland Business Member, Waller Marine, in attendance

We welcome Andy Suddes from Waller Marine, whom introduced his guest, Dana
Galbraith from Sealite Products. Dana is from Australia and his company
produces a large array of solar powered channel markers, pier lights, etc.
Waller Marine will be the dealer for those products in Belize. Waller Marine
in Belize City is a business member of our Chamber in San Pedro and it was a
pleasure for Andy to get to attend our meeting.

6) Christmas Boat Parade

Jan Brown was out of the country so no details were available on the Boat
Parade. However, 16 boats or more participated and everyone agreed it was
even better than last year. Congratulations to Jan and her committee. We
are very proud of her effort and success.

Our next Chamber meeting will be held on Thursday, Dec 18th, at the Blue
Water Grill.
Meeting was adjourned at 1:00 p.m.
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What's the link for the Chamber's new website? Thanks.
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