Garbage Dumped in Mangrove

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Garbage Dumped in Mangrove - 12/22/08 04:59 PM

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About two months ago Elito Arceo along with the Red Tap Crew embarked on a cleanup campaign and while they were cleaning from both the North and South End of the island they discovered a mangrove clearing on the west side of the island which was being filled with garbage. This past weekend a group of softball players decided to clean up this area, and made a startling discovery.
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On Saturday, December 13, Elito Arceo of Seaduced Softball Team along with members of Tanisha Tours Softball Team and San Pedro High Softball Team cleaned up the lagoon side and Nurse Shark Street from the Football Field all the way to the Caribeña Gas Station.

The group found out that not only was there more garbage, but that it had seeped along the water ways of the lagoon (channels). The group retrieved about 40 (55 gal) bags filled with what seemed to be office waste (invoices), food, plastics and all sorts of rubbish from two resorts north of the island.

To our understanding the two resorts of North Ambergris had contracted Mr. Carlos Bradley to pick up their garbage and to properly dispose of it. Speaking with both resort managers, we found out that they were never aware of how or where he had been dumping the garbage and stated that they will no longer be using Mr. Bradley’s services. Both resort managers told us that they will do their best to clean up the mangrove area that was contaminated.
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Kudos to the softball teams who made an effort to clean up this area and Nurse Shark Street. Let us all follow their example and have some sense of pride. If you see a plastic item on the street in your area, in front of your house or business, get out and clean don’t wait for someone else to clean it up, let us keep out Isla Bonita Clean!

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