Beach Street Blocked Off

Posted By: Marty

Beach Street Blocked Off - 01/05/09 03:00 PM

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The San Pedro Town Council once again blocked off the street that gives access to the beach just south of town, but the other access streets are still allowing large vehicles to enter the beach area. At one point only golf carts were allowed to use the beach street, but the rules were not enforced. We urge the Town Council to enforce the law so that we do not lose the beauty of our sandy beaches. Already the heavy traffic has deteriorated the conditions of the beach area. If we do not protect them we will lose its charm.

One beach area that is being affected with much traffic is the one immediately in front of town stretching from Choloís Sports Bar and Holiday Hotel. Traffic is accessing this beach through the empty lot adjacent to the old Atlantic Bank building. Taxi drivers rush to the beach to take customers and cargo to the Island Ferry and visitors run into the beach area not knowing that the beach is off limits.

We hope that the Town Council will block all these entries to the beach because the island cannot afford to lose its precious beaches. Look at all the trouble we are having with out streets that eventually had to be paved!

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Posted By: Diane Campbell

Re: Beach Street Blocked Off - 01/05/09 06:03 PM

I happen to agree 100% with this program of protecting the beaches.

Why then do some of our public servants rip out similar barriers on northern beach areas, threatening residents for having tried to protect the beach?

Curious - it would be nice to have a consensus approach.

Posted By: SimonB

Re: Beach Street Blocked Off - 01/05/09 06:18 PM

The barriers down by Wet Willy's only stop cars (mainly taxis) from going through, not carts, bikes or motorcycles. The barriers were actually in place in a different location but the taxis kept double parking and blocking access to the beach road so they moved them.
Posted By: SimonB

Re: Beach Street Blocked Off - 01/05/09 11:48 PM

I spoke too soon, the barriers have just been removed. You have to wonder what some people are thinking, those things have been moved at least 5 times in the last few months.
Posted By: Marj Spellman

Re: Beach Street Blocked Off - 01/06/09 03:38 AM

It seems to me the cultural ethos is ďIf I want it, I am entitled to get it. I donít need to think of the public good or the future because if I donít get it, somebody else will. Besides, no one will have the guts to tell me No. If itís against the law, the law will not be enforced.Ē

I see this attitude in taxi drivers on the beach, fishermen who ignore the regulations, developments like South Beach, construction of ďmy dock,Ē importing cars, etc. Iím entitled to MINE, no matter what the effect.
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