Poly Clinic Committee on the Job

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Poly Clinic Committee on the Job - 01/08/09 04:25 PM

[Linked Image] The San Pedro Poly Clinic II has a newly formed committee that will be administrating the clinic as well as working on improving the service to its patients. In speaking with Lion member Melanie Paz, she informed us that the committee is currently working in trying to acquire a piece of land so that they can have proper housing for nurses and doctors to stay as well as trying to get more personnel to work at the poly clinic.

She continued by saying that plans for the poly clinic are to extend the working hours from 8a.m. to 8p.m but it will only be possible with the services of additional doctors and nurses.

The poly clinic currently has an x-ray machine, as well as an ultra sound machine and even though there is no professional technician to operate the machines, the pharmacists and nurses are offering the services at the time being. There are plans on getting a doctor to receive training to improve on these services.

The committees has many bright ideas for the poly clinic and is hoping to reach their goals as soon as they possibly can for the well being of all the patients and island residents. Members of the committee include Mrs. Melanie Paz, Mr. Omar Mitchell, Hon. Pablo Marin, Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr., Dr. Otto Rodriguez, Mr. Severo Guerrero, Mr. Nano Guerrero, Mr. Beto Marin, Mr. Baldemar Graniel, Dr. Efrain Cima and Dr. Paul Edwards.

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Re: Poly Clinic Committee on the Job - 01/09/09 11:07 PM

We now have an x-ray tech on the island - me. I volunteer on Monday and Wed. afternoons. In an emergency I will come in at other times. We are out of chemicals at the moment to develope the films but expect to be back up and running next week. I am only here till April so hope they can get a trained tech before I leave.
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Re: Poly Clinic Committee on the Job - 01/09/09 11:17 PM

Three cheers for Indygal!!! Hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray, hip hip hooray.
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