Blackberry and email use in AC

Posted By: floristferny

Blackberry and email use in AC - 01/23/09 12:59 AM

I need to know if anyone has ever been successful using their phone's email capabilities while in AC.

We will be arriving Jan 27 and I was misinformed by Verizon, I believe. First they said I could, now not so much.

Let me say, I am not a Blackberry addict, but that is how I was planning on staying in contact. It sounds now like that most probably won't happen. I am fine with being out of touch while I am on VACATION. I work for myself and thought I would sneek away. OOOppppssss!
I had been looking into the process and today was informed while purchasing my new global package and SIM card that Belize is not accessible.

Anybody try this before? Anybody successful? Should I just check in at an Internet Cafe everyday? Do they have computers there for the renting/borrowing? Is that what an internet cafe is? You don't bring the computer, they have it?

I know, and they actually sold me a blackberry, can you believe it?

Thanks for the help. Little dissapointed if it doesn't work, but not destroyed. And definitely NOT cancelling my trip. See you all in a few days. Can't wait!
Posted By: suecate

Re: Blackberry and email use in AC - 01/23/09 01:01 AM

When I was there in November I could text but the email and internet part did not work and I have international on my blackberry.
Posted By: SP Daily

Re: Blackberry and email use in AC - 01/23/09 01:03 AM

Belize is still one of the ends of the earth...
Posted By: Renee-md

Re: Blackberry and email use in AC - 01/23/09 01:18 AM

I have Verizon and I could text with no problem.
Posted By: Greenthumb

Re: Blackberry and email use in AC - 01/23/09 01:36 AM

I was just there and my Sprint Blackberry had issues with texting, no problem with phone calls(other than $3.49 per min) and I stayed at a hotel (Spindrift) that had free WiFi in the rooms. There are other places with free WiFi also, depends on the accommodations and cost that you desire. I kept in contact with family by email and I would recommend staying at a hotel with free WiFi as it will save you money.
Posted By: floristferny

Re: Blackberry and email use in AC - 01/23/09 02:06 AM

Thank you all for the great response. I was so excited when they said it was possible and then irritated when they said it wouldn't work - only because it seemed too good to be true.

Texting is probably free then when you are there, just like here if you have the right plan.

At least with Verizon the calls are only $1.62/minute.

And as for computer use, you can borrow a computer at a cafe'? We are staying at Ruby's (all paid for by a friend, so we will not be changing hotels) do they have internet? Wouldn't think so.
Posted By: markw

Re: Blackberry and email use in AC - 01/23/09 02:13 AM

ATT blackberry did not work for me, at least not with a POP mail account. It may work with the Blackberry server e-mail though. I had no problems with text or regular telephone except for the bill. I really don't know how much an international plan saves you, I've got it and the bills I've had would stagger you.

Something interesting was that I could not dial a number manually but I could call by using my phone book.......strange.

Posted By: Nancy1340

Re: Blackberry and email use in AC - 01/23/09 02:45 AM

Be very careful using your net enabled phone. Some can keep checking your e-mail even when your no on it. Not fun to come home to a $8,000 phone bill.
Posted By: Peter Jones

Re: Blackberry and email use in AC - 01/23/09 03:07 AM

There's wireless all over the place, and there are lots of internet cafes. No problems staying in touch.
Posted By: ExOkie

Re: Blackberry and email use in AC - 01/23/09 03:11 AM

I'm going to disable my Bberry email capabilities between Houston and BZE. I take my laptop and check email every night (Paradise Villas has free WiFi) because I have to pay for these Belize vacations!

When I was there last year I didn't have an internet enabled phone. When the tropical storm hit I had to make some emergency calls to arrange other flights and it cost me a pretty penny but was worth it. Plus I learned not to text or answer any texts due to the costs. This time I probably won't even turn the darn thing on during the week. I've sent emails to my clients asking for all correspondence next week to be via email, I'll change my voicemail message before I leave and everyone important knows how to contact me in an emergency.

It's my vacation. The last thing I want is to carry my phone around.
Posted By: Otteralum

Re: Blackberry and email use in AC - 01/23/09 03:15 AM

echo nancy -- turn off capabilities if you have a smart phone with all kinds of auto update features. I was AMAZED at how much a smartphone pings the network for stuff that you never notice when it's free. when it ain't, may God be with your bank account.
Posted By: Nancy1340

Re: Blackberry and email use in AC - 01/23/09 03:26 AM

LOL Sometimes I am really glad I follow the KISS way of hi-tec life.

Re: Blackberry and email use in AC - 01/23/09 04:02 AM

Fellow Crack-berry addict... I thought I was the only one. Riiight. Anywho, so far the board is correct: Even if you can use your blackberry there, the bill would be huge as it constantly 'contacts' the network so shut it off.

If you need to stay in touch, hit an Internet Cafe. My latte of choice comes from the Caribbean Connection on Front St. (Barrier Reef Dr.) between the school and the water taxi. They've got at least 10 computers in there, so you should find one free. If you see Ivo there, tell him Jason said "Hello!". This will also help free up a computer if you go in the afternoon when there could be a few students in there. Try hitting it around lunch-time.

Posted By: carbunkletrumpet

Re: Blackberry and email use in AC - 01/23/09 04:06 AM

Belikin Beers and Rum helps me with my crackberry addiction so you should be ok. Use the internet cafe in the AM and enjoy your vacation, don't worry the economy will still be in the crapper when you return.
Have fun!
Posted By: floristferny

Re: Blackberry and email use in AC - 01/23/09 05:45 AM

I've been waiting all day for you guys to scold me about trying to work on vacation.

Thank you for the internet cafe advice. I don't trust bringing my laptop. Not sure how secure it would be when I am out treating my crack berry addiction.

Next question for the technically challenged - how do you disable your email on your bb. Do you simply turn it off, or do ya do somethin fancy to the thing?

Posted By: carbunkletrumpet

Re: Blackberry and email use in AC - 01/23/09 02:09 PM

You can leave it on as it won't sync with BTB. You may want to check with your provider as if your phone rings while you are in Belize you may be billed for the call even if you don't answer it.
Posted By: suecate

Re: Blackberry and email use in AC - 01/23/09 02:15 PM

With verizon i did not get charged for the calls I did not answer. I do believe there is a charge for texting even if you have unlimited texts it is minimal but check as things constantly change.
Posted By: Belize-N-Us

Re: Blackberry and email use in AC - 01/23/09 03:08 PM

AT&T with G3 works for text only no voice calls without the BTL card.
Posted By: deadserious

Re: Blackberry and email use in AC - 01/23/09 04:10 PM

Just an FYI, some smart phones will ping home even when "off". If you want to be sure not to get a fee, just pull the battery. If you have an iPhone that doesn't allow you to pull the battery, then you're screwed I guess.
Posted By: azbob

Re: Blackberry and email use in AC - 01/23/09 04:20 PM

You are right, Ruby's does not have internet or a phone in the rooms. I stayed at Ruby's my last two trips and didnot drag my laptop. I used the Cafe for necessary stuff.

Enjoy to the fullest!
Posted By: sweetjane

Re: Blackberry and email use in AC - 01/23/09 05:41 PM

we also cannot use email with AT&T.

with AT&T, i actually call them and HAVE MY VOICEMAIL turned off, as you get charged for the minutes as someone leaves a message, and then AGAIN if you check that message. saved a bundle turning it off.

this adds up, cuz AT&T's international minutes cost like a buck per minute more than Verizon's.

we txt alot from SP, both to locals & our fams back home. i dont know about Verizon, but AT&T texts are $.20 one way, and $0.50 the other (just forget which way is which). either way, cheaper than calls.
Posted By: ExOkie

Re: Blackberry and email use in AC - 01/23/09 09:59 PM

Re: How to turn off data services on your Blackberry.

I have an 8320 Curve. Go to the Systems menu, scroll down to Mobile Network and the first prompt is Data Services. Turn it off. I also go down to Network Selection Mode and set it to Manual just in case.

That seemed to stop my Bberry from pinging for emails last night. If I'm wrong (I haven't tried it overseas yet) I'm sure someone here will set me straight.
Posted By: datallmon

Re: Blackberry and email use in AC - 01/23/09 10:44 PM

Let me add my 2 cents worth. I have a blackberry with AT&T. When I moved to AC I switched from Verizon as it just didn't work. Since I travel internationally, my phone is a world phone, but I seldom use it in Belize because of the cost. For calls in Belize and out I use a BTL sim card in a run of the mill mobile phone. As for e-mail (crackberry users) it never worked until recently. I arrived back in Belize a couple of weeks ago, from a short trip to the State and to my amazement, ny blackberry started chirping merrily away as messages started coming in. As others have mentioned, I turned off the wireless data feature immediately. When I got to San Pedro, I checked it again and it still was receiving e-mails. Remember, the cost is very high. If you have wireless capability, use it where you can, or you'll end up a part owner of AT&T.
Posted By: floristferny

Re: Blackberry and email use in AC - 01/25/09 07:06 AM

Just to put a bow on things...
I went to Verizon again for another set of answers (third times a charm) and got some interesting advice today.
The Blackberry is designed differently than any other phone. And even different than any other data ready phone. The blackberry world phone will work all over the world and will pick up signal anywhere. You are however not protected by your "unlimited" plan when you are away from your area. So it is true, you will get charged a ton when you use your data feature when you travel. Also, a blackberry will pick up even when it is turned off. So you do have to pull the battery. BUT, the second you try to put in the battery out of your area, you're stuck. It ALL hits and you're charged for all of it.
They recomended that you connect an old phone that has phone capability and no data capability while you travel so you will get your calls regularly, but charged roaming. With Verizon, there is no charge if you don't pick up, no extra charge for the time that they are calling you and talking to your voicemail. You are charged for the time that it takes you to check voicemail however. It's a regular call of course.
So, the sim card stuff - according to them, you can't unlock a verizon phone and use a sim card from another carrier. They are really tight on the security of their equipment, they said. And they said there is an International charge for texts too.

Re: Blackberry and email use in AC - 01/26/09 07:05 PM

For the record, any phone can be unlocked. Remember all the hype with the IPhone 2G... and everyone said, "Well you're stuck because you can't unlock the IPhone"... bologna! That phone was cracked the moment it released... 3G isn't any different.

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