Found Wallet

Posted By: UnderThePalmTree

Found Wallet - 02/22/09 07:53 PM

We found a wallet in the middle of the street. The identification card inside shows that it belongs to Jose Pena. We've heard that he may live in San Mateo. Does anyone know him? We'd really like to get him his wallet back. Thanks in advance.
Posted By: scubawalk

Re: Found Wallet - 02/22/09 11:27 PM

Try calling Holy Cross School Monday morning at 226-3456. If he or his family live in San Mateo, the school will know him.
Posted By: UnderThePalmTree

Re: Found Wallet - 02/23/09 03:08 PM

That's a good idea. I also contacted the San Pedro Sun, Ambergris Today and Love FM. One way or another, hopefully we'll find him.
Posted By: Phil

Re: Found Wallet - 02/23/09 04:45 PM

Reef Radio would be better than Love FM as few people can get Love on their radios.
Posted By: Moose In Belize

Re: Found Wallet - 02/24/09 01:42 PM

Why not just turn it in to the police?
Posted By: seashell

Re: Found Wallet - 02/28/09 12:49 AM

I got a little excited there when I first read the title of this thread. I was hoping that someone had come across the wallet I'd had stolen last month. Silly me.
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