The final boogie.

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The final boogie. - 02/28/09 10:18 PM

Where do I begin?
It all started in 2003 when Kristine and I came to Belize for a holiday. After touring the island I knew a skydiving boogie would be a great event on Ambergris Caye. After a couple of very frustrating years it all came to be February of 2005 for "Boogie in Belize I". At that time the folks here on the message board were perplexed by it all! What an amazing run it has been. When I first posted about the boogie here I knew no one. All of these years later I am amazed at the folks here that are my very dear friends.
One of the greatest things about bringing skydiving to Belize has been to watch the local Belizeans makejumps, and to watch, and leap with MANY of you here on the board.
To make an event as large as these boogies happen I needed a LOT of help. I want to thank Marty for all of his great enthusiasm and posting some of our best photos, and allowing me to pump up the volume about skydiving here at
There are so many folks that have helped over the past five years and I know i will forget some of them but thanks and a shout out to the following...
Tropic Air, without them I would still be begging for permission.

The SunBreeze Hotel and Suites, Who else lets a bunch of smelly skydivers take over a resort for ten days, hanging wet parachutes all over?

The Blue Water Grill, Great food and great welcoming dinners.

BC's, thanks to Charlene for our farewell BBQ's and always
being the un official watering hole for the jumpers, and making the "Queens" jump the first year.

Mayor Paz and the Town Board for inviting us back each year.

Dr. Danny and Dr. Tina for patching us up over the years.

The BTB and Minister Heredia for their great support.

Rosalie Staines and the Oapn Paki Show for being staunch supporters of skydiving in Belize.

Travellers Liquors for all of the free "One Barrel"!

Zeta Water for keeping us hydrated.

Pelican Properties, Sunrise Realty and Seaside Realty for helping out in many different ways.

Aqua Dives, Island Ferry, Amigos Del Mar and Tanisha Tours for boat support over the years.

All of the various nightspots(too many to list!) that have hosted us over the years.

The BDF Air Wing that helped out in so many ways. Flying jumpers for demos and doing a formation load with us.

Astrum Helicopters, allowing us to use their fuel trailer.

The San Pedro Sun and Ambergris Today have given us great coverage all these years.

Channel 5 for great TV coverage to promote our sport.

And the list could go on forever as SO many folks have helped make this one of the premier skydiving events in the world.

And Lyal and Cathy from Eden North Parachute Schools in Edmonton, Canada. Without their help I never would have been able to pull this event off so smoothly.

And to Skydive Perris in California. Flying a Twin Otter, the "Blue Shark" each year.

And to Skydive Kapowsin in Washington for flying their Caravan the first year.

Where the hell did these five years go???

Thanks to everyone that has made a leap with us or just came out to watch. It has been my pleasure to bring the sport I love to all of you. It makes me laugh when I see a post here about skydiving, I have done my job!

I am working on a full time operation in Belize for late next year. If all goes well we will be jumping every day over Ambergris Caye!

As of now "Boogie in Belize VI" is on hold for a few years. You all will be the first to know when we restart the party!

Thanks Everyone!
(I need a nap)
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Re: The final boogie. - 02/28/09 10:58 PM

And, thank you, as well. You have provided many with a once in a lifetime opportunity to check off a "bucket list" item, have graced this board with your presence, you level headedness, your friendship. You and your group have contributed so much to the island, it is amazing what a group can do with just the desire to help.
Reaper, you are such a good guy....thanks for being our friend.
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Re: The final boogie. - 02/28/09 11:38 PM

I have to agreed 100% with sunandsand!
I have been fortunate enough to have been present for every boogie.
Reaper and family (both biological and skydivers) it is a pleasure knowing you all.
Look forward to the time when your full time operation is in place >remember you promised at least 100 of us boarders, jobs with your Belize operation smile .
Enjoy your nap, you deserve it.
Hugs and kisses, Gail cool
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Re: The final boogie. - 03/01/09 12:04 AM

A gentleman, a philanthropist, and someone that enjoys living for himself and by serving others. Congratulations reaper. I wish you the best and thank you for all you've given me.
Posted By: Ernie B

Re: The final boogie. - 03/01/09 12:25 AM

Dang, I was gonna jump next year.
Posted By: Nancy1340

Re: The final boogie. - 03/01/09 12:50 AM

Ernie Hon, you jumped this year. Don't you remember? LOL
Posted By: klcman

Re: The final boogie. - 03/01/09 12:54 AM

Faceplants in the sand count?
Posted By: KathyA

Re: The final boogie. - 03/01/09 01:04 AM

Thanks for the memories...this is my laptop computer's screensaver. Good luck to you all...Kathy
Posted By: suecate

Re: The final boogie. - 03/01/09 01:06 AM

Thank you for adding to our vacation experiance this year. The kids ran over everytime they saw the divers coming in. You all looked beautiful in the sky and the excitement and comraderie you all showed each other on the ground was fantastic. All the best to you and all the divers and again thank you from all of us.
Posted By: SP Daily

Re: The final boogie. - 03/01/09 01:09 AM

Originally Posted by Ernie B
Dang, I was gonna jump next year.

No problem Ernie..we'll organize your jump with Tropic. Got lots of volunteers to push you out.
Posted By: tacogirl

Re: The final boogie. - 03/01/09 03:38 PM

Always fun watching your friends jump out of planes smile
Posted By: Marty

Re: The final boogie. - 03/01/09 05:17 PM

peace bro. what work you do......

Boogie in Belize '09 bids farewell

The Tsunami Skydivers Incorporated says that this year has been one of their most successful for Boogie in Belize, but it is possible that locals might have seen them for the last time.

Even though this year saw the smallest group of skydivers visiting Belize, Richard Grimm from Tsunami Skydivers Incorporated says there are various reasons to consider this year successful. There were 709 jumps this year, all with no injury. In addition there were 84 tandem jumps and all were successful. Jumps were made everyday, something never done during their past five years visiting Belize. Additionally, twelve jumps were made at the Blue Hole, with no injury.

This year, the Tsunami Skydivers Incorporated raised $7,100 Belize during their fundraiser events in San Pedro Town. The San Pedro Town Library received $3,900 plus a large assortment of school supply brought in by the skydivers while Holy Cross Anglican School received $3,200. It is estimated that this year alone, skydiving in Belize generated some Belize $600,000 during their stay and visits in various part of the country.

“We are giving serious consideration about returning to Belize, but there is nothing concrete,” stated Grimm, who claimed that much of the financial crunch is a direct result of the short fall in the world economic crisis. Normally, their return is booked one year in advance and the calendar of events is planned with exact dates, something that was not possible this year.

Tsunami Skydivers Incorporated says that this year’s event was possible because of the many businesses and individuals who wanted the event to be successful. Those businesses includes SunBreeze Hotel, The Lime, Aqua Dive, Tanisha Tours, Tropic Air, Astrum Helicopters, Belize Tourism Board, Pedro’s Inn, Reef Village, Blue Water Grill, BC’s, The San Pedro Town Council and Honorable Manuel Heredia Jr. and many more too numerous to list.

The San Pedro Sun

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Re: The final boogie. - 03/01/09 05:39 PM

The "boogie" will never end! The beat will go on and on and on!

Great job for all you have done Rich!
Posted By: Amanda Syme

Re: The final boogie. - 03/01/09 06:12 PM

We all broke out our tandem skydive videos last night for a thrill. Rich brought an amazing activity to this island that has been enjoyed by hundreds of people from all over the world.

The revenue generated by the Boogies have been incredible and many businesses on the island have benefited greatly.

The Boogie in Belize will be sorely missed next year. But hopefully the Grimm family will still be visiting.

Rich, Kristine, Lyle, Kathy and all of the other participants of these fun events - it has been an honour and a joy getting to know you.

Hasta la vista.
Posted By: GBZ39

Re: The final boogie. - 03/01/09 06:42 PM

Glad to hear that the Skydivers made out financially.

However I was really annoyed when the crazy pilot flew at eye level about 25 feet from our balcony twice last Sunday. He really scared my wife and downstairs friend.
Posted By: Amanda Syme

Re: The final boogie. - 03/01/09 06:48 PM

The dangers of living on the beach!! Who knew.

One of those flybys was my daughter's fault - sorry they scared you.

Good thing you didn't live here when the Harrier Jump Jets did the same thing. THAT was always a shock.
Posted By: Ernie B

Re: The final boogie. - 03/01/09 06:54 PM

GBZ, the aircraft may have had a full load of jumpers as well as a full fuel load causing him to take a little longer to establish a positive rate of climb.
Posted By: JeanH

Re: The final boogie. - 03/01/09 07:02 PM

Thanks for all the good times, Reaper.
Hope to see you and your family again soon in Belize.
Posted By: Gela

Re: The final boogie. - 03/01/09 07:46 PM

Reaper it was great to finally watch the divers appear out of no where and light on the sand. It was amazing to watch. And they just came coming (how many do you cram in to that plane). Thank you for the experience and your kindness to me.

Hmmm, what the future might bring smile
Posted By: Chloe

Re: The final boogie. - 03/01/09 07:56 PM

Posted By: GBZ39

Re: The final boogie. - 03/01/09 09:18 PM

The pilot had dropped off the divers.....and was making a run south to Coco Locos at tree top level......maybe they threw him up a drink...
Posted By: GBZ39

Re: The final boogie. - 03/01/09 09:25 PM remember a military plane fly by a couple of years ago.....however not as low or as close as last week....but it was a LOT nosier.
Posted By: Ernie B

Re: The final boogie. - 03/01/09 10:31 PM

GBZ, I stand corrected.
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