Youngin's living on the island

Posted By: cranial diva

Youngin's living on the island - 03/15/09 09:18 PM

Okay so my ? is how do some of you living in San Pedro make your living? Some of you are so young by "retirement" standards and since it's so hard to get a job etc. there how do you do it. Are all of you telecommuting? I realize that the cost of living is lower but you still have to have an income of some sort......hope I'm not offending anyone just trying to figure out how some of you can live in such a great place at such a young age......I know you are all lottery winners right? LOL
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Re: Youngin's living on the island - 03/15/09 09:22 PM

Curious why you think the cost of living is lower? Has that been your experience here?
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Re: Youngin's living on the island - 03/15/09 09:25 PM

My only "experience" if you could call it that is from following blogs and reading books bout moving etc. Compared to living in Cali/Nev it's less. I hear/read so much info on those who are not of retirement age living on San Pedro full time and trying to figure out how the heck they do it.....
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Re: Youngin's living on the island - 03/15/09 09:45 PM

I find that interesting. It is certainly not less than "Cali/Nev" but it seems to be a prevalent impression with many who think about coming to the Caribbean and looking for the least expensive place to do so. If this is it, the other places must be astronomical. Now I know the BVIs are less expensive having just spent quite a bit of time there. Grocery items are 75% of what they are here. And the BVIs are certainly not a third world country, as Belize is called (and about which I disagree but that's another issue). I think the last time this came up here it was pointed out that some places in Belize are indeed inexpensive. But that was the mainland. It wasn't Ambergris Caye. It was like, "you can pay less but you won't want to stay there". I think Ambergis is a world class destination without the glitz, and not cheap by any means.

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Re: Youngin's living on the island - 03/15/09 10:28 PM

We just spent two weeks in California and found most food products much cheaper there than here in Belize, gas is more, elec and butane more. Rents may be less but that is a small part of the picture.
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Re: Youngin's living on the island - 03/15/09 11:12 PM

Never really had to deal with Cali/Nev prices much but I know Rent here is cheaper than in BC on the other hand is NOT (though I have found some killer deals on the sale-shelf at Brodies when in Belize City lol)...I used to love peanut butter (well still do) and would consume a jar a day sometimes - here that could become a very expensive habit
I enjoy he fact that you can walk pretty much anywhere you are going which is a savings to the pocketbook as well as being healthier than the North American Lifestyle.
Speaking as a non-retired person who moved here a few months ago Cranial, I think it boils down to priorities of spending...depending what "luxuries" a lower income holder like the non-retired youths have that they are willing to sacrifice for the lifestyle of being here it isn't much harder than to make things work up North and if you don't drink your liver into oblivion much healthier to body and mind and with the world of E-commerce where people can work remotely it offers this new world of possibility to those who truly desire such a change.
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Re: Youngin's living on the island - 03/17/09 04:48 PM

Monel I have to agree with you on that....I think that it's all about your own views of "lifestyle". I have sat in my current house many times and did a mental list of what "treasures" I could walk away from be it either "things" we own or "habits" we have on a daily basis. We are gypsies by nature....move somewhere new about every 2-3 I can let STUFF go anytime I want....thanks for the honesty
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