Posted By: mik

Fishing - 04/07/09 10:05 PM

Is it worth bring a couple of fishing poles down to fish off the dock with the kids. We'll be staying at Coral Pelicano in May it's just north of the cut. Can you catch anything from the dock and what time of day is best. Thank you. Mik
Posted By: Bill Mc Ghee

Re: Fishing - 04/07/09 10:16 PM

Yes it is definatley worth bringing fishing gear. Yes you can catch fish from the dock.As to the time od day? Just catch them as the yawn! or are about to go to bed. morning and evening times. smile
Posted By: Freezer

Re: Fishing - 04/08/09 12:23 AM

I have never had great luck off of the dock but I fish there often. I have caught: Grunt (many times), a puffer fish or two which reguires a gentle touch, a sting ray once who took all of my line as if it were nothing but it was great fun, three or four snapper which surprised the hell out of me, a cow fish, and a few other breeds. The best thing about fishing off the dock is fishing off the dock!! Truly.
Posted By: Chuck V

Re: Fishing - 04/08/09 12:47 AM

I will be down April 19 - 25 and was thinking of bring a light rod to try some dock fishing. Have they ironed out the fishing license yet.....will I need to buy one?

What kind of lure/rig are you using off the dock?

Chuck V
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