Posted By: tacogirl

Avocado - 04/16/09 03:06 PM

Anyone bought avocado recently - if so where?
Posted By: SP Daily

Re: Avocado - 04/16/09 03:37 PM

Island Supermarket...yesterday
Posted By: SimonB

Re: Avocado - 04/16/09 03:48 PM

Greenhouse had them late last week not sure about today. You can call them at 226-2084.
Posted By: lil'red

Re: Avocado - 04/16/09 03:58 PM

A little green grocer on the right side of the road just past Banana beach had them 2 days ago. Nice avacados for $2.50 each.
Posted By: SFJeff

Re: Avocado - 04/16/09 04:11 PM

Pretty much every avocado you see in stores and that gets served in restaurants is smuggled in from Mexico and technically illegal contraband.

Gasp!!!! Why? Well, because Belize does not allow the importation of avocados. But why? (you again ask) Well, to protect the local economy of course!!! I mean avocados are grown here after all!!!

Well... actually they're just grown here about 4 months of the year... and the variety grown here has much less of an oil/fat content than say the Hass variety so if you use them to make say, guacamole, the result is a pretty tasteless yellowish watery mess... But gosh darn it, "eat local." What does it matter if on a clear day I can crane my neck and practically SEE plentiful delicious avocados.

So to procure decent avocados in Belize what you end with are clandestine conversations such as this:

"Hey __________, how's it going... Look... I need 10 kilos of stuff... Right away, I don't care what the price is, I have customers lined up asking for it. I know the border has been tight as of late and they're lot's of checkpoints, but call your guy and make it happen ok?"

Perhaps those bringing avocados into Belize should pack/disguise them as drugs, thus allowing freer movement about the country???

That said, we might(?) have some here... Come to the back door and knock three times...

And if anyone is looking for some mangos, decent carrots, or some pretty killer romaine, I might know a guy who knows a guy....

Posted By: JZB

Re: Avocado - 04/16/09 06:36 PM

LOL Jeff!

I was just at the Greenhouse and Island Supermarket an hour ago and they both have them. The smuggled in variety, they don't look like the tasteless yellowish water mess type smile
Posted By: tacogirl

Re: Avocado - 04/16/09 07:10 PM

Thanks all - I will take what I can get. Too funny SF Jeff

My best avocado experience was in Save U Belize city I just about fell over when I saw a big pile and large size for $1.40 a piece. Handyman Eddie was at our place not long after and he got excited too when he saw what I had bought.

Second best was running into Zac coming from a haircut at Carole's when she lived by Wet Willy's and happening to mention that he found avocados in that area (most likely the contraband kind) I was very excited and bought some right away - shared one with Carole as we were also getting haircuts and she was pleased to see avocado's as well.

Posted By: Dan Carey

Re: Avocado - 04/16/09 07:18 PM

I just got an e-mail from my cronies on Guam, who tell me that their Avacado tree has a bumper crop this year. Maybe you're living on the wrong island?


Posted By: SP Daily

Re: Avocado - 04/16/09 07:27 PM

Best avos in Kona, Hawaii are from a tree growing in the Japanese Cemetery
Posted By: BrusselSprout

Re: Avocado - 04/17/09 03:34 AM

$3 Mexican gems at Greenhouse. Along with $4 gorgeous mexican mangos. Good stuff.
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