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Posted By: florida

Local Information - 04/28/09 10:04 PM

We are going to the Island next month and need some info. We are first time visitors. Do the banks or restaurants charge a fee to cash travelers cheques? Can you buy Vodka or Rum at the Duty Free in Belize Airport and bring it to San Pedro? Is it best to book ahead on Tropic Air or book at Airport? We have no trouble booking ahead but the Virus scare is a concern!

Posted By: KC Jayhawk

Re: Local Information - 04/28/09 10:11 PM

No, yes and maybe (depends on your willingness to wait an extra hour if the first flight after you arrive is booked).
Posted By: Leah-Ann

Re: Local Information - 04/28/09 10:32 PM

If you wait until you are at the airport to purchase your ticket, ask for a cash discount. We paid somewhere around $85 for RT on Tropic a couple of months ago.
Posted By: sweetjane

Re: Local Information - 04/28/09 10:58 PM

as far as i know, unless it has changed, one must show an international ticket to buy duty free anywhere. (belize city airport is a domestic flight to san pedro)

if you have a lay-over somewhere, the connection airport would be the place to buy your duty free liquor.

the local rum on the island is good, and pretty cheap.
Posted By: azbob

Re: Local Information - 04/29/09 12:01 AM

I all ways carry some travelers cheques and have never been charged for using them. I even cashed some at Belize Bank with no charge. Drink the local rum, you'll like it. Oh and the local beer, Belikins. It's all in the Latitude!! smile
Posted By: Leah-Ann

Re: Local Information - 04/29/09 02:11 AM

The airport in Belize City will ask to see your passport, but not a ticket. People purchase from duty free enroute to the island on a pretty consistent basis, from what I've seen.
Posted By: scubawalk

Re: Local Information - 04/29/09 03:10 AM

There is a new duty free shop in the arrival area of Belize Airport. You can buy once you land and keep it in Belize. You can buy up to 4 bottles per person. The only catch is you have to put it all in your checked luggage to fly to any destination within Belize.No carry on liquids.
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