snorkeling from shore

Posted By: Rini

snorkeling from shore - 04/29/09 04:54 PM

Hi, I am a bit new this board. What are some of the best places to stay on th A.C. where the reef is close enough to the shore so you can jsut walk right out to the water and snorkel without needing a boat or kayak? We are spoiled at Akumal Beach Resort in MX where you can do that but hubby wants to go to Belize for our next visit down there. It is soooo nice to snorkel many times a day when the mood strikes and we would love to find a place in AC where we can do that. I understand that Tranquility Bay resort is a good place but have been told that the further north on the Island, the closer in is the reef.
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Re: snorkeling from shore - 04/29/09 05:10 PM

i answered your PM, rini. smile
Posted By: Diane Campbell

Re: snorkeling from shore - 04/29/09 05:35 PM

Tranquility Bay or the Turtleman's house - both on AC - have lots of coral right by the shore.

In the south, try French Louis caye which has a fringe reef of it's very own that is really impressive. It's a private island that provides you with a remarkable experience.

Also on Amergris Caye ---- try Los Encantros - just a bit north of the pier there are good coral beds quite close in to shore.

Posted By: Barbara K

Re: snorkeling from shore - 04/29/09 05:48 PM

Tranquility Bay is the hotel furthest North on the island. Turtleman's house is in the same location but a private house rental, not associated with a resort. Great snorkeling in the area right off shore. The trade off is that you are a 45 minute boat ride from town (restaurants, shops, etc) Fortunately Tranquility Bay has a very good restaurant on site.
Posted By: Rini

Re: snorkeling from shore - 04/29/09 08:24 PM

So far so good. Keep em coming! I will look into the places you all have suggested. It would be nice to get my diving certificate to see some really good stuff! What is the average cost to go out diving? I understsand it can be kinda costly?
Posted By: elbert

Re: snorkeling from shore - 04/29/09 08:30 PM

E-Learning is the ticket lately everyone seems to go that route.
read about it on the blue link below
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