First time to Belize-Questions

Posted By: water

First time to Belize-Questions - 04/30/09 02:11 PM

I have a few questions around the island. It seems every picture you see, no one is swimming. I do not mind sea grass, but have read that bull sharks frequest the area, but I would think that the reef would stop them from coming inland. I am not paraniod, so please do not take it this way, but am curious as to the sightings off shore, if any. Can any verify or dismiss this? As well, what times ar the toll across the bridge to the North open and how much, as we are staying to the north, and would appreciate any info. Thanks.
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Re: First time to Belize-Questions - 04/30/09 03:04 PM

I absolutely love swimming in the sea here. Yesterday I was out swimming with one of my dogs for two hours. We swim off the beach in some areas and off the docks in the more shallow places. Yes there are sharks in the sea. Sharks live in the sea as do a whole bunch of animals that can bite you, sting you and make your life uncomfortable. Humans live on the land. I know which ones I worry about more. While swimming, I have been lucky enough to see rays, eels, dolphins, turtles and a whole range of amazing sea life.

The water is warm, very salty, which aids bouyancy, clear and just like being in a spa. I enjoyed my swim yesterday so much that I dreamed last night that I had floated all the way to Caye Caulker surrounded by dolphins. That was one lovely dream.
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Re: First time to Belize-Questions - 04/30/09 03:07 PM

I bet that was a lovely dream - I can't wait to be back.
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Re: First time to Belize-Questions - 04/30/09 03:35 PM

The bridge doesnt close but an even better way to commute to town and back is the Island Ferry. It runs every other hour and seems to be the best/easiest way.You can catch it on almost every dock.
Bull 25years of diving and snorkeling here I've seen about 6 or 7, not a realistic concern.
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Re: First time to Belize-Questions - 04/30/09 04:12 PM

Thaks for the info, like I said I am not "freaking out", only curious, as I have 2 daughters and we all swim like fish, so most of our time when not diving/snorkling, will be off the dock snorkling locally and swimming.
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Re: First time to Belize-Questions - 04/30/09 04:15 PM

As for the bridge, I meant the toll fee, as I want to know if they have hours they take the toll, and then others they do not, say 11pm. As for the Island Ferry, I have another question. We are staying at Casa Bonita, and I beleive it only a mile form town, so would recommend a golf cart or just ferry in when we need groceries/liquor? I would hate to rent a golf cart, and find out that the toll on the bridge is the same as taking the fery for the amount of time we will be in town. Any info/comments would be appreciated.
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Re: First time to Belize-Questions - 04/30/09 07:36 PM

the toll is $5 US round trip (they give u a ticket to return if pre-paid). in general, no one is at the booth from around 10PM to 6AM - and one may pass for free.

i THINK (not sure) the ferry is $8US PER PERSON. a golf cart should run you about $35/day. you can also rent bikes.

walking is free.

guys - is this still accurate info??

for one mile north of the bridge, (in my opinion) i would get the cart.

we always rent golf cart, cuz it gives us freedom to go where ever whenever. plus, you can explore the island - which is fun.

again, just my opinion.
Posted By: Moose In Belize

Re: First time to Belize-Questions - 04/30/09 07:36 PM

The bridge is free for walkers. Save the environment and walk.
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