SPTLibrary thanks the Paul Hooker Foundation

Posted By: pamkillen

SPTLibrary thanks the Paul Hooker Foundation - 05/21/09 10:35 PM

Over this last Christmas a fine man named Paul Hooker passed away suddenly while snorkeling the reef with his family. In the face of this tragedy, the family decided to begin a foundation that would help support the San Pedro Town Library. We are so very thankful for their generosity and support for this community that they have been such a part of.
Pam Hooker and the foundation, have donated money that will be used to develop the Paul Hooker Media Center. This will include the ability to show movies with our own projector and screen. We will also have a huge outdoor screen so we can show outdoor movies periodically. We intend to show movies Saturday morning to the little kids and Friday afternoon to the young teens. We will also develop a library of educational DVD's starting with parenting skills.
In addition, we are in the process of purchasing 6 new computers so we can offer computer access to all students in the community.
Needless to say, we are thrilled and very very thankful. Thank you Pam Hooker and to the Hooker family. We will see you in the fall for the grande opening. In the meantime we will be making the media center available to the entire student body of San Pedro.
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Re: SPTLibrary thanks the Paul Hooker Foundation - 05/22/09 04:34 PM

Congratulations to the Hooker family on an excellent memorial.
Posted By: Francois G. Ledoux

Re: SPTLibrary thanks the Paul Hooker Foundation - 05/25/09 05:40 PM

To anyone wishing to donate printers to the San Pedro Library,
I beleive the Library can furnish you a "Duty free letter" so that your donations are received tax-duty free.

To the SP Library, should you be purchasing new printers, might I suggest you purchase "Epson Printers" because their ink cartridges are the most easily refilled.

I order "BULK INK" from which allows me to refill my cartridges for roughly $1.00 US instead of $30 to $50
per cartridge. Should you aquire new printers please let me know and I would send you the ink-refill kits and bulk ink.

[email protected]
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Re: SPTLibrary thanks the Paul Hooker Foundation - 05/26/09 10:15 PM

That is great news.
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Re: SPTLibrary thanks the Paul Hooker Foundation - 05/26/09 10:17 PM

now that is a great legacy!
Posted By: pamkillen

Re: SPTLibrary thanks the Paul Hooker Foundation - 05/27/09 01:15 AM

We are so excited. 4 computers have arrived, the media center stuff is in transit, and 2 more computers are on the way. We plan to have open use for kids 9 and above who have had computer class. And we will have a class to teach the younger ones. Anyone who would like to volunteer to teach basic computer skills, we would be delighted to have your help.
As soon as the projector arrives, we plan to have an outdoor movie night and will probably show Planet Earth.
Pam Hooker and her family have created a fabulous legacy to remember Paul by and it will continue to grow. In the fall we will have an official opening with the Hooker family present. What fun that all the kids using the library will feel they know Paul Hooker.
Posted By: Diane Campbell

Re: SPTLibrary thanks the Paul Hooker Foundation - 05/27/09 03:10 PM

Pam Hooker chose a great project and the members of the Library Board are doing a bang-up job implementing it.
Thanks to everybody.
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