Community-Wide March against domestic violence

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Community-Wide March against domestic violence - 05/26/09 09:53 PM

Wednesday, May 27, 9:00 am – Central Park. A Community-Wide March is being organized for this day under the theme, “Justice For All”!!!!! This march is designed to increase awareness of the abuse suffered by our women and children here in San Pedro. It will also focus on how the local Police Department must respond to domestic violence under the Violence Against Women Act of 2007.

This march is being held in response to an incident on Monday, May 18, involving the San Pedro Police Department, a teacher from Holy Cross and our very own Vernon & Francis Wilson. Please show your support for “Justice For All” by marching with us!!!!!!! ALL CHILDREN, ALL PARENTS, ALL CITIZENS AND EVERYONE CONCERNED ARE WELCOME !
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The march was great many people came out to support this important cause.

Pics are up on school blog...
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May 27, 2009

It was billed as a community-wide march with a simple objective.

Vernon Wilson; Director, Holy Cross Anglican School

“I hope to achieve awareness of people’s rights against abuse. Abuse against women, abuse against children, and abuse against men because they all fall under the Act of 2007 that protect people against violence and intimidating acts.”

But the support for the effort seemingly evaporated in the mid-morning heat as only a handful of parents, and apparently the entire student body of the Holy Cross Anglican School turned up for the demonstration. It took less than an hour for the march to go from the San Pedro Central Park through the principal streets ending right back where it started. And this public presentation enhances the thought that there are two sides to any story. And while one public side was on display today, the other side tells a totally different story. And it apparently involves deceit, interference and miscommunication on a whole new level.

Vernon Wilson; Director, Holy Cross Anglican School


“What promoted all of this is one of our teachers was involved in a domestic violence incident on Monday morning. And a police officer was also involved in it. He was the person who was doing the violent act.”

That police officer has been identified as constable Mark Martinez attached to the San Pedro police formation. Officer in Charge of the police formation on the island is Assistant Superintendent Dennis Arnold.

Assistant Superintendent Dennis Arnold; Officer in Charge, San Pedro Police

“And I am not covering for the police any which way because he was wrong when he hit his ex-common law or his common law, right. It is wrong.”

While Arnold agrees that the attack on the twenty five year old primary school teacher by P.C. Martinez was not right, he clearly has a beef with the way the whole situation is being played out in the court of public opinion.  ASP Arnold says the Vernon Wilson and his wife have turned a legitimate issue into a public spectacle.

Vernon Wilson; Director, Holy Cross Anglican School

“My wife and I intervened to help protect the teacher and subsequently my wife and I were arrested and thrown in jail. My wife was wounded, I was wounded, a lot of things happened that should not have happened.”

Assistant Superintendent Dennis Arnold; Officer in Charge, San Pedro Police

“Mr. Wilson who is perceived to be a Christian or a church like person to get on the media and telling these lies that he called my phone three times. One time he called my phone with all the derogative language he was using. Get my ‘f-ing so and so out here now and stop my officer from abusing a female out here, right. What actually happened is that Martinez left from the police station, apparently the phone rang. He took the phone, he got his girlfriend or his ex girlfriend telephone and he took the telephone to the young lady because the teacher from Holy Cross was calling for the teacher, right. Then for them to say that the girl is afraid to go to school and Martinez was stopping her and all the rest of it, that is a lie, because from 8:15 to 9:30 that young lady has sufficient time to reach the school.”

Investigating officer, Sergeant Leslie Wade says his probe into exactly what transpired on the morning of May eighteenth at the home of P.C. Martinez and his common law wife shows that a domestic incident has now been turned into a public discourse and that somewhere along the way, the lines between right and wrong have been blurred.

Sergeant Leslie Wade; Investigating Officer

“Well looking at the entire scenario I believe that it is a small matter that has been blown out of proportion because of people’s opinion. Looking at it, P.C. Martinez sometime earlier, I will now say his ex-common law, Miss Sabal she made a complaint. And based on the complaint Martinez was charged for that offence. Looking at the entire scenario as I said before I believe it was a cross complaint and the only position we had as police officers was to investigate it and where persons were concerned laid the difference charges that is before the court.”

But in the court of public opinion, and based on information supplied by Vernon Wilson and his wife, the police in San Pedro mis-handled the incident from the get-go.  It is a charge which ASP Arnold vehemently disputes and Wilson is sticking by his version of what transpired.

Assistant Superintendent Dennis Arnold; Officer in Charge, San Pedro Police

"Apparently they are portraying this thing to mean that when they reached where the police and this female were that the police was beating her and, Christ. I listen to the morning show, the Love FM Morning Show every morning and I am surprised at Don Hector to be saying certain things that is not true. Don Hector needs to get his facts and everything straight. People who call the Morning Show need to get their facts straight, right. It was nothing like that. It was the Wilsons who came there and provoked that situation. They provoked that situation. But I don’t want to go much into that part of it because the matter is before the court. Both Martinez, Mr. Wilson and Mrs. Wilson were charged. They were telling people and have people to perceive that only they were charged. The police officer was charged also. He is also on interdiction.”

Vernon Wilson; Director, Holy Cross Anglican School

“I do not lie. I have not lied. And I never will lie. I did call him and he did answer the phone. I never said he never answered. I said the police never responded to the call. Now whether he relayed that to his officers and they just sat back and didn’t bother getting out of the station which is what I think probably happened, I don’t know because I wasn’t there at the station. I do know that they were leaving the station when we were arriving after the violence had already occurred.  And if they had responded quicker, then the violence could have been prevented in the first place and we wouldn’t be standing here with this issue.”

Arnold says that the fact that only a handful of adults came out to support today’s march indicates that while the issue of domestic abuse is valid, the avenue taken to bring about the awareness needed deeper thought.

Assistant Superintendent Dennis Arnold; Officer in Charge, San Pedro Police

“Definitely, that dah noh no two ways about it. Definite. Because watch what happen. As you can see the host of this march they said that it is a disaster, they said that they believe they would have gotten more support. I believe the children are out here because they have to be out here. They are from Holy Cross school. I don’t know if some of them can read what are on their banners, right. They are blowing this thing way out of proportion.”

Vernon Wilson; Director, Holy Cross Anglican School

“You know, domestic violence is not a private matte, it affects everyone in the community. It affects the children that see this because when they see it they act it out. If this only changes the life of one person then it is worth the effort.”