Ambergris Caye or Lamanai Ruins?

Posted By: JSeputis

Ambergris Caye or Lamanai Ruins? - 12/18/02 07:04 AM

Arriving in Belize for one day only on the RCL Nordic Empress. Are looking to either fly over to Ambergris Caye for the day or taking a tour of Lamanai and the New River. Any suggestions or opinions? Thanks!
Posted By: Sandy C

Re: Ambergris Caye or Lamanai Ruins? - 12/18/02 02:39 PM

The island is great local people, sea, snorkeling, sailing, parasailing, beach... You'll probably be on your own schedule more on the island. Inland is great local people, jungle, history, river wildlife... Either will be unique and rich in experience. My thoughts are that it depends on whether you want a sea experience that day or a jungle experience. If you fly to the island, fly out of Belize City Municipal for cheaper fares. Enjoy a great day at either spot!
Posted By: Big Frank

Re: Ambergris Caye or Lamanai Ruins? - 12/18/02 06:33 PM

Have you been to any major Mayan ruins? If not then Lamanai is highly recommended. Terrific Flora and Fauna and impressive ruins.
Posted By: JSeputis

Re: Ambergris Caye or Lamanai Ruins? - 12/19/02 08:12 AM

Thanks for the suggestions so far! In answer to your question Frank - No, we've never been to any major ruins yet. We'll be diving/snorkeling in Grand Cayman and doing the same in Cozumel. That's why we're considering Lamanai but would really like a chance to experience Ambergris also - so little time and so much to do! But alas, we can't do both.
It's a fairly long trip to Lamanai(about 45 min. on bus and another 1 1/2 hours by boat) to reach the ruins and then back again. If the trip there and back is interesting, and the ruins worth the visit then it might be a good choice. Since we've never done this type of thing before wasn't quite sure what to expect and if it was worth the investment of all that travel time.
Has anyone done both and is there a clear preference or is it like Sandy said - if we feel like having a beach and fun in the sun experience do one thing - if it's history and fauna do the other?
Let me know - Thanks much!
Posted By: Chloe

Re: Ambergris Caye or Lamanai Ruins? - 12/19/02 10:57 AM

Jseputis, by chance are you from Johnston City?
Posted By: Big Frank

Re: Ambergris Caye or Lamanai Ruins? - 12/19/02 05:18 PM

The single most funnest thing I did In Bze was the boat ride to and from Lamanai. A leasurely Eco tour on the way there, and a flat out full speed ahead haul-ass ride back. A glassy river, a canopy of trees, and in my field of view were the tanned and lovely legs of some lass. And no, I never daydream. Again, if you've never gone to famous ruins you owe it to yourself. A small well kept ball court, an immense pyramid discover the rest.

The boat ride will seem too short.
Posted By: JSeputis

Re: Ambergris Caye or Lamanai Ruins? - 12/20/02 06:21 AM

Chloe - No, I'm from Lake Villa, Il (north of Chicago).
Big Frank - Thanks for sharing your experience. I read a post from someone else on another board saying just about the same thing - about the boat ride that is, not the lass! laugh Just the same, you painted a great mental picture!
Posted By: Richard Chambers

Re: Ambergris Caye or Lamanai Ruins? - 12/20/02 05:24 PM

Big Frank,
I agree with you, the boat ride was a blast, especially down the New River! The ruins tour was great too. Very knowledgeable guide service by Seaduced. It was my first Mayan experience and i can't recommend it enough. The provided lunch home cooked by the guides wife was excellent, and the rum punch wasn;t bad either!
I'd do Lamanai again..........Richard :p
Posted By: JSeputis

Re: Ambergris Caye or Lamanai Ruins? - 12/23/02 10:05 PM

Thanks for the confirmation, Richard! Is there a way to get directly in touch with Seaduced - email or phone number? I'd much rather book a guided tour on recommendation rather than the hit or miss approach. Thanks. smile
Posted By: Marty

Re: Ambergris Caye or Lamanai Ruins? - 12/25/02 01:28 AM

SeaDuced is at // or email Rebecca at [email protected]
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