Fishing in San Pedro?

Posted By: TexasJennifer

Fishing in San Pedro? - 06/18/09 04:17 AM

Heading to San Pedro on Sat for a week. My boyfriend is a professional fisherman in TX and we are wanting to take some sort of fishing trip. What's in season, any suggetions?
Posted By: captjeff

Re: Fishing in San Pedro? - 06/18/09 07:42 PM

lots of stuff ,you can flats fish ,bone fish are almost always there ,some tarpon ,seeing and catching are two things ,permit,a little more of a challange . the reef fishing is always ,good snapper,cuda ,grouper .lots of action .trolling off shore wahoo , tuna ,cuda again lots of cuda ..i like the reef fishing on lite tackel myself ..get a good local guide prices are very fair and great personalites and are fun guys .go to web site for prices .speak to steve he is a great guy and books local guides ,like pete graniel ,abel gurrero and lots more .tight lines to you and good fishing enjoy ..if he wants to pm me here he can we can chat or i will give him my phone number to talk .
Posted By: carbunkletrumpet

Re: Fishing in San Pedro? - 06/18/09 08:02 PM

Jeff you never give me any advice for fishing?

I would also say that you may want to do the Belizean BBQ where you eat what you catch and it is very good! Pete, Abel, Juan, Felipe and Chito are all great guides and have been doing this for a long time and you will have a blast with any of them.

Damn, I may have to go fishing this trip....

Posted By: TexasJennifer

Re: Fishing in San Pedro? - 06/18/09 09:02 PM

This looks great! The BBQ sounds like a fun idea. I will definitely get in touch with Steve. Can't wait! Thanks for the tips! Carbunkletrumpet-You can fish with us whatever day we book! I can outfish my pro boyfriend on a good day! Now, that's fun to watch!
Posted By: collyk

Re: Fishing in San Pedro? - 06/19/09 12:17 AM

I would second any recommendation for Pete or Abel. True men of the sea. Knowledgeable, skilled, great fishermen and great company. If you like deep sea, we love Dilzon.
Posted By: TexasJennifer

Re: Fishing in San Pedro? - 06/19/09 01:42 AM

What about the tuna and wahoo? Trolling sounds sounds like something we would like to do. We flat fish all the time in the bays in TX, can catch grouper and snapper under the rigs. Does Steve and his crew do the trolling trips off the reef? His prices were pretty reasonable. If so, that would be our best trip!
Posted By: captjeff

Re: Fishing in San Pedro? - 06/19/09 10:18 PM

e mail steve or call him steve is not the guide just books the guys .tuna and wahoo is fun if there around and you hook one if not makes for a loooooooooong day trolling and not catching .yes steve can hook you up with pete or other guys for trolling price is more gas is very expenise here .up to $6 us a gal ?i am not offshore guy .to slow here for me .I like non stop action .
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