Missing San Pedro......

Posted By: Denice

Missing San Pedro...... - 01/01/03 03:16 AM

I am seriously considering a move to San Pedro. I have been there twice and I am planning my third trip probably in March. I have not stopped
thinking of San Pedro since the day I first stepped foot on her sandy streets. I truly feel a calling to this island and miss it each day I am away. I am an accomplished business manager and I am working on my BA in Psych and BS in BIO. Anyone looking for an educated adventurer to manage a business??? Or maybe you need someone to talk to....or have a need for a biologist???? point is I can do about anything and I'm not stupid....If anyone knows of any opportunities drop me a line....also any insight into imigration laws would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Denice
Posted By: susangg

Re: Missing San Pedro...... - 01/01/03 04:11 AM

There are no "jobs" for non citizens on AC unless you BRING MONEY and create your own. I can almost guarantee that there is no skill, training or experience that you can offer that a native born Belizean does not already have and there are not enough jobs for them. They come first.
You gotta pay your dues. Earn money in your own country, save it and if you want to live in Belize, bring it so that you can set up a business that will employ local people.
Or save a little money, come and live as a tourist for a few months then go home when its gone and earn some more.
That's the reality. (Don't shoot the messenger please...)
Posted By: Grace

Re: Missing San Pedro...... - 01/01/03 04:16 AM

I even contacted Green Reef and The Nature Conservancy which both have active programs in Belize....and even though I'm a staunch environmentalist, I never thought about working within a liberal organization. Unless you create your own life, and aren't a drain on the country, forget about getting a "job". Make a career for your dream. That's what I plan on doing.
Posted By: Denice

Re: Missing San Pedro...... - 01/01/03 06:56 AM

Thanks for the have responded with the same info that I have heard from others which is no surprise to me. So...say I have a business plan and some money and some much would it really take to start a small business in San Pedro that would employ a few Belizians....and who would I contact for the permits to start such a business???
Posted By: tincup

Re: Missing San Pedro...... - 01/01/03 08:51 PM

Check out and look under 'information resources'. Plenty of good info and advice there.
Posted By: Denice

Re: Missing San Pedro...... - 01/02/03 02:00 AM

Thanks for the internet info there is alot of good information there. It appears that the best way to gain residency is through investment or to open and operate my own business. Having run large supermarkets for the last 30 years I should have no trouble successfully running a business, now all I need is the working capital and the investors...if you know of any serious investors have them contact me!
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