Emergency Generator

Posted By: datallmon

Emergency Generator - 07/19/09 08:48 PM

In light of the stellar service that BEL has been providing, does anyone know someone on the island that can spec out and then install an emergency generator? I can get the unit in the States, but have no clue as to size, preferred fuels, wiring, etc. Any info would help.
Posted By: Phil

Re: Emergency Generator - 07/20/09 05:04 PM

Eddie Halliday when he gets back from the US. His son Brian will be able to help get the ball rolling or at least give you a date he's back and maybe even look into it while he's still there. Handyman Eddie in the newspaper classifieds for phine contact or pm me for their phone number - I'd rather not post it on here without his OK, although it's probably fine.
Posted By: Diane Campbell

Re: Emergency Generator - 07/20/09 05:20 PM

When you are getting the generator together suggest that you also pick up a voltage regulator that can be installed between your power meter and the house itself. It will protect you against brown-outs and surges.
We have an excellent one that a friend got for us at a cost of under $300 US - well worth it. (thanks Martin!)

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