Best Islands to Retire On

Posted By: Marty

Best Islands to Retire On - 07/28/09 09:58 PM

1. Ambergris Caye, Belize
With good island homes starting at less than $100,000, the islands of Belize are popular not just for travelers, but for retiring expats too. Ambergris Caye features much of what people love about the Caribbean, crossed with Central America and all still very accessible from the grandkids in Texas. Direct flights from Dallas to Belize are very reasonable.

2. Nevis
Expat Ted Cox bought four acres with Caribbean views way back in 1970 and has since retired to Nevis with his wife. As he says, “Leaving the United States — that’s a major change whether you’re retiring or not. But for me, everything worked out fine. I have no regrets at all.”

3. Aruba
Many island travelers make Aruba THE place for their Caribbean escapes. It’s one of the most popular destination guides on, and Aruba is an attraction for expats from the U.S. and about 80 other countries. It offers both the familiar comforts and the exotic cultural mix. And if you have a 50 percent down payment in cash, it offers lots of island homes.

4. Maui
A relatively easy retirement here, keeping you in the U.S. but allowing you to live among some of the world’s most beautiful islands. No worries here of culture shock or immigration hurdles. And yes to having family easily visit for big reunions and special trips. Plus it’s a launching pad to explore the remote Pacific for your own special escapes.

5. Crete
If you do want a retirement life much different from your working life, this Greek island may be the answer. Expats Eva and Rob Smith considered retiring to Mexico but were worried that wasn’t far enough away — literally and figuratively — from their former careers in California. Now they swim year-round in the sea, make their own olive oil and lead the simpler life.
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Re: Best Islands to Retire On - 07/28/09 10:45 PM

Hummm a modest sized beachfront lot is $250,000.usd without a house on it and the house... hummm, another 200 at least.
You can't get a decent house in the DFC lagoon for 100,000.usd anymore.
Posted By: Moose In Belize

Re: Best Islands to Retire On - 07/28/09 11:42 PM

That's just marketing speak. When they say "good island homes starting at less than $100,000", that simply means that there is one somewhere. It's a 530 sq ft condo in a 4-plex north of town, accessible by boat.
Posted By: LaurieMar

Re: Best Islands to Retire On - 07/29/09 12:31 AM

My friend, her husband and teenage son moved to Maui about 6 years ago. They did not have an easy time integrating with the local community at first - the Haoli thing. Tires slashed, stuff like that, kid was beat up at school, etc.
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