Bringing supplies for SAGA

Posted By: marc and jane

Bringing supplies for SAGA - 07/29/09 03:49 PM

I want to bring some drugs and supplies down for SAGA. I am a vet in the states and we are coming down in August. Does anyone know if I will have trouble getting them in the country?
Posted By: Dutch

Re: Bringing supplies for SAGA - 07/29/09 03:59 PM

You shouldn't have any trouble, but you will have to pay duty on the donations. They will only take cash.
Posted By: HOT_Card

Re: Bringing supplies for SAGA - 07/29/09 04:01 PM

I know other vets have brought supplies in the past without problems. Try giving Laurie a call at Saga 011 501 226 3266 and check if you need to do anything in advance. And THANK YOU!
Posted By: MandM

Re: Bringing supplies for SAGA - 07/29/09 07:51 PM

It all depends on what you are bringing and which customs agent is there. I am currently dealing with customs and BAHA for a lot of items that were confiscated from a vet last week. Marc and Jane if you will email me a list of what you are bringing I can better advise you how to deal with it. [email protected]
Thanks for thinking of SAGA!
Posted By: kerry

Re: Bringing supplies for SAGA - 07/30/09 04:26 AM

get a letter from saga, and at the airport let them know what u have...they never asked me for the letter, just looked in my bag...waived me right thru
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