Trivia Tonight

Posted By: samray

Trivia Tonight - 10/19/09 07:25 PM

Trivia at the Dancing Toucan Bar at Coconuts Hotel
7 PM Every Monday starting tonight.

Free to enter.
Teams of 1 to 8 people.
Pick a fun team name and try to win.

1st place - $50BZ bar tab
2nd place - $30BZ bar tab
3rd place - $20BZ bar tab
Posted By: Amanda Syme

Re: Trivia Tonight - 10/19/09 07:29 PM

sounds like fun.
Posted By: Three_Palms

Re: Trivia Tonight - 10/19/09 08:32 PM

That does sound cool. Is it general trivia?
Posted By: CayeMarie

Re: Trivia Tonight - 10/20/09 02:57 PM

How was trivia night?
Posted By: samray

Re: Trivia Tonight - 10/20/09 05:15 PM

It went well. We brought Romy in from Caye Caulker to ask the questions. He does trivia there 3 nights a week. Apparently San Pedro is not as smart as Caye Caulker....lets all show Romy how smart we are next week.
In the coming weeks, he will be bringing over people from Caye Caulker and we are going to have a challenge. Surely we can win...

How the game works:

4 rounds of 3 questions.
For each question in round 1, you must pick a 1,3 or 5 as your points to win if you get the answer correct.
Once you use a number, you cant use it again in that round.
You do this for each round until the bonus round.
One question is asked and you can pick a number between 1 and 10.
If you get it wrong, the points will be deducted.
This will be your final score.

Its free to play, and you can win up to a $50 bar tab.

Come on out next Monday and test your general knowledge.

A couple questions from last night:

1,1,2,3,5,8......what is the next number?

There are 4 precious gems, what are they?
Posted By: klcman

Re: Trivia Tonight - 10/20/09 11:14 PM


Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire
Posted By: champion

Re: Trivia Tonight - 10/21/09 12:15 AM

Very good klcman.
Posted By: samray

Re: Trivia Tonight - 10/21/09 06:11 PM

Could have used you on Monday KLC - might have won the $50 Bar Tab.
Posted By: tacogirl

Re: Trivia Tonight - 10/21/09 06:57 PM

Thanks for posting samray we will have to get team round crazy shrimp out of retirement and come play.
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