1st Time in Ambergris Caye

Posted By: arusha1

1st Time in Ambergris Caye - 12/05/09 02:32 PM

Hi My wife and I will be coming to Ambergris Caye in January and are looking to buy. We recently sold our place in Cozumel and are interested in Belize. Can anyone tell use a good condo. property to invest in with a good rental pool. We plan on using the place 4-6 weeks a year before we retire and spend more time on the island.
Thanks for your help
Posted By: KwikWalk

Re: 1st Time in Ambergris Caye - 12/05/09 08:24 PM


We are new to the island as well. We had planned to go down in January to buy, but found something with our realtor that we couldn't wait on, so we've already bought it. We still plan to go down in January, but now the stress is off for the looking and we'll have more time to enjoy the island and concentrate on the remaining construction on our unit.

As far as advice goes, you should consider if you want to be in town, just outside of town, or far off in a secluded area. We liked being walking distance from town, and so wound up just North of the bridge. We felt the location was the most important factor, and this met what we were looking for.

Since we are new to this forum, I'm not sure if we are supposed to list agents and developers. But you can PM me and I'd be happy to point you to who we worked with. They were both extremely helpful.

Out of curiosity, why did you sell your place in Cozumel??
Posted By: CaptOneIron

Re: 1st Time in Ambergris Caye - 12/05/09 08:45 PM

My advice is to find a good reputable realtor and listen to them. Be careful of pricing right now as my sense is that the market is way down but the prices don't always reflect that. I would also come and spend a few weeks on the island before making that kind of commitment. I am not a realtor and have no interest in this other than being helpful as we bought a house on Ambergris last year and although we love where we are we were fortunate to find the right place when we did.
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