Boat Parade! Wow!

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Boat Parade! Wow! - 12/06/09 04:58 PM

I was fortunate enough to catch the boat parade via web cam last night, and it was spectacular! To all involved, what a wonderful event! Even though watching it wrapped in my electric blanket next to the frost covered window isn't as fun as being on the beach, feeling the warm breeze on my face, it was still really a sight to watch. Thank you San Pedro friends. Your efforts were appreciated by a roomful of frozen Duluthians..... smile (and NO they don't sell Belikin here.....)
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Re: Boat Parade! Wow! - 12/06/09 05:17 PM

What webcam was that?
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Re: Boat Parade! Wow! - 12/06/09 10:08 PM

any pictures of this?
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Ambergris Today

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Wow is right! I know how difficult taking video at night is so this is in no way a criticism of the vidiographer but there was no way to do justice to what was really there.
Everyone here is so competitive and they all want to win.
Due to the economic situation many people felt the reward was not worth the expense and didn't enter. However, those those that did enter did a bang up job.
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Re: Boat Parade! Wow! - 12/08/09 05:13 AM

I saw the boat parade via the Spindrift Hotel....My boyfriend set up his laptop and camera on the sundeck I zoomed in with my iphone. They are going to add a permanent web cam sometime in the near future to catch the beach action and the Chicken Drop. I will be an avid viewer....and will of course let all of you know so you can watch too!
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Re: Boat Parade! Wow! - 12/08/09 03:24 PM

I keep waiting for the Moon shot that was taken during the parade. Maya??? ambergriscaye caye .com can handle it!
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Re: Boat Parade! Wow! - 12/08/09 03:33 PM

found it!
Parade highlights
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Re: Boat Parade! Wow! - 12/08/09 05:19 PM

Was he on the sponsors boat?
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that's one ummmmmmmmmmmm Ugly nasty butt!
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He was just hanging his Christmas balls for all to see. Tis the season to be folly.
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Re: Boat Parade! Wow! - 12/09/09 03:02 AM

The full moon man has been identified now. Updated picture especially for Elbert. Do you know this man?
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More boat parade pics...
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Re: Boat Parade! Wow! - 12/10/09 05:24 PM

Boat Parade Brings In Holiday

Cental Park was flooded with hundreds of spectators who flocked to the beach to experience the spectacle that is the Holiday Boat Parade. The fourth annual lighted boat parade took place on Saturday, December 5, 2009 and the sights and sounds of the Holiday spirit did not fail to entertain.

The light show on water featured boats of all types and sizes which boasted colorful twinkling lights, music, singing and dancing. Decorations on the boats included a giant Christmas star, Santa’s sleigh led by mini boats, a Dorado leaping into a boat, Santa parasailing, a nativity scene and Santa Claus everywhere. All of this only to get San Pedro and Ambergris Caye into the Christmas spirit and to kick off the year’s tourism season.

The crowds that gathered at different view station cheered and applauded as the boats paraded in front of town. The folks at Central Park enjoyed the Christmas spirit and music, picture taking with Santa, purchased commemorative T-shirts and souvenirs and delicacies to drink and eat.

Below are the winners of this year’s Holiday Boat Parade:

Under 18' 1st place: Jetski Russia/ SP Water Sports
26-34' 1st place: Lion's Club/Tanisha Tours
35' and up 1st place: Holy Cross Anglican School
2nd place: Coastal Express/Island Academy

Sailboat: Rum Punch/George Eiley
Catamaran 1st Place: Isla Bonita Elementary School/SeaDuced
2nd Place: Escape/Searious Adventures

Most Adventurous: Infinity/Ecologic Divers
Most Artistic: Island Waves/Funtasea Boats
Best Religious: Holy Cross Anglican School
Best Over All: Coastal Express/Island Academy
Junior Division School competition: Isla Bonita Elementary School
Mayor's Trophy: Coastal Express/Island Academy

The judges were: Joycelyn McKoy of the Belize Tourism Board; Miss San Pedro Raquel Badillo; Mrs. Ros Emberely; Jim Janmohamed, Charlene Woods of BC's and Mayor Elsa Paz.

Ambergris Today
Posted By: Marty

Re: Boat Parade! Wow! - 12/10/09 08:01 PM

Lighting up the seas!

The Christmas spirit has returned to San Pedro and an evidence of that was the large multitude that flocked the beach to witness the annual Christmas Lights Boat Parade. Participation in the parade was not as large as in previous years, but on Saturday islanders invaded the beach to admire the boats as they sailed along the coastline.

    To compliment the night, families enjoyed a perfectly good night at the Central Park with games, music and even Santa who was willing to take pictures next to the large Christmas tree. A panel of judges comprising of Joyce McCoy from the Belize Tourism Board, Miss San Pedro Raquel Badillo, Canadian tourist Rose Kimberley, island resident Jim Janmohamed, Charlene Woods from BC’s and Mayor Elsa Paz were tasked with selecting the winning boat.

    At the end of the night the judges chose the following as winners of this years’ Boat Parade:

  • Under 18 feet: Jetski Russia/SP Water Sports
  • Between 26 and 34 feet: The San Pedro Lions Club/Tanisha Tours
  • 35 feet and larger: Holy Cross Anglican School and second place was Coastal Express/Island Academy
  • Sailboat Category: Rum Punch/George Eiley
  • Catamaran Category: Isla Bonita Elementary School/SeaDuced and second place was Escape/Searious Adventures
  • Most adventurous went out to Infinity/Ecologic Divers; most artistic to Island Waves/Funtasea Boats; best religious to Holy Cross Anglican School; best overall to Coastal Express/Island Academy and Junior Division School competition went to Isla Bonita Elementary School. The Mayor’s Trophy was awarded to Coastal Express/Island Academy.
    Winners received cash prizes and trophies. According to the organizers, two other boats were scheduled to partake in the parade but due to unforeseen circumstances they were unable. Those boats were AIDS Foundation whose boat captain was ill and Punta Azul/Blue Tang.

    The Boat Parade once again delighted the crowd with its sparkling and twinkling lights as they glide in the dark. Congratulations to all winners and see you next year.

San Pedro Sun

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