Dog Packs

Posted By: Freezer

Dog Packs - 02/01/10 11:52 PM

Hi all,
I have a friend on the island that bikes almost everywhere. Last May he was attacked by a pack of 4 or 5 dogs and had his ankle and calf bitten up pretty badly, the scars were plainly visible when I was there in December. He also knows of a lady there that had her foot bitten up pretty badly as well. Both incidents were in or near the DFC on the lagoon side of the island.

Anyway … he was hit again by another pack of dogs; again in the DFC, not so bad this time. Another friend, here, asked “why doesn’t he get some pepper spray”. My question is “Can you buy pepper spray in San Pedro, or in Belize City for that matter? Is this a good idea? Any other thoughts would be appreciated. Cheers.
Posted By: ExOkie

Re: Dog Packs - 02/02/10 12:28 AM

Hate to ask but what is the DFC?
Posted By: Gaz Cooper

Re: Dog Packs - 02/02/10 12:45 AM

I believe Pepper spray is illegal to use in Belize

DFC is a housing estate on the lagoon
Posted By: champion

Re: Dog Packs - 02/02/10 01:06 AM

How about some water and ammonia mixed and put in a squirt gun of sorts?
Posted By: swanno

Re: Dog Packs - 02/02/10 01:44 AM

Captain Sharks sells pepper spray so i assume its not illegal
Posted By: SimonB

Re: Dog Packs - 02/02/10 02:16 AM

Actually it is under the new weapons laws.
Posted By: elbert

Re: Dog Packs - 02/02/10 02:40 PM

Originally Posted by ExOkie
Hate to ask but what is the DFC?

Its a housing project on the south end of the island!
'Development Finance Corporation'.
affordable homes for the locals.
Posted By: JZB

Re: Dog Packs - 02/02/10 04:01 PM

Maybe just squirting some plain old water would work?
Posted By: ScubaLdy

Re: Dog Packs - 02/02/10 04:19 PM

Prior to moving here I was deathly afraid of dogs. I had a lot to learn and was turned onto the Dog Whisperer on National Geographic channel.

I now have dogs and am not even afraid of the packs. What I learned is:
1) Do not try to run away. I stand them down.
2) Do not speed by a barking dog; slow down. Whether on foot, bicycle or golf cart your running makes them think you are guilty.
3) Carrying a stick or machete represents a threat. If you must carry one do so in a non aggressive way.
4) The dogs here are mostly “working dogs.” Their job is to protect their property. I can go shopping and leave purchases on the golf cart as long as I have Pepe there. Otherwise things tend to walk-a-way. My towels for wiping the seats do not last an hour. I’ve even had a bag of garbage taken.
5) Do not reach out to a dog you do not know – let the dog reach out to you.
6) There are dogs here that will attack anyone carrying ganja.

I am not defending the wild packs of dogs. However, people who are used to only contained dogs may think that two or three dogs together represent a pack. I could not tolerate housing a dog that was not ever allowed to run and socialize. The dogs here are mostly socialized and when left to be natural dogs have a lot of friends; two legged as well as four.

Our dogs are our best friends and best security.
Posted By: MisterB266

Re: Dog Packs - 02/02/10 04:32 PM

Originally Posted by JZB
Maybe just squirting some plain old water would work?

And maybe it wouldn't work?

Is arming tourists & residents really a solution to the problem?
Posted By: JZB

Re: Dog Packs - 02/02/10 05:10 PM

An immediate solution, yes. I do not believe you have to strike back at an on coming dog with something that may hurt it or cause it suffering. You 'usually' only need something that would distract it from what it is doing. A squirt of water may offer the same distraction as pepper spray.

When our first potlicker adopted us (he was living at Ramons at the time) he would walk everywhere with us and yes he would snap at many people especially on bikes. We then started carrying around little rocks and when he started going at someone we would throw a rock near him (not at him) with a stern NO. That was enough of a distraction it would stop him in his tracks and eventually he stopped snapping at people. Maybe we were just lucky, who knows? But I think its worth a try than immediately resorting to painful methods.

I still often get chased by dogs on my golfcart (I think its because my dogs insist on marking my wheels). When this happens I usually slow down and tell the dog NO. They usually go on their merry way once they realize I'm no fun to chase.

Posted By: Bing Crosby

Re: Dog Packs - 02/02/10 08:59 PM

Every time I read posts like this one and the one dealing with dog poisoning, I can't help but think of all of the other posts that ask how does a person get their dog on the island. The island does not need any "new" dogs. Solve the propblems with the ones that are there first. And to reply, "I wouldn't go anywhere without my beloved Fluffy....." is selfish.
Posted By: Sirenia

Re: Dog Packs - 02/02/10 09:39 PM

I hardly think responsible pet owners are the problem, Bing. People who love their dogs get them fixed, get them their shots and don't let them eat the neighbors. I will be staying in San Pedro for four months next year and my dog will be coming with me. And home with me. I agree with the others, a little dog psychology can go a long way.
Posted By: elbert

Re: Dog Packs - 02/02/10 09:41 PM

Bing, Bubbas gona kick yo butt! :-)
Posted By: Freezer

Re: Dog Packs - 02/02/10 11:58 PM

I have never found guard dogs to be a problem, they know their place. The people I know on AC with pets have NEVER been a problem. The people walking their dogs on the beach in front of our place have never been a problem. I think the problem is the owners on the island that have 4 or 5 or (I have seen as many as 6) dogs in their complex with no supervision or love or affection or , for that matter any human contact whatsoever. Then when, accidentally or not, they get loose and the “pack mentality” takes over and problems arise.

I have never understood the mentality of a person that takes on an animal for their own personal gratification. I.E. the kids that walk the Pit Bulls on a leash and can hardly hold on under the strain, or on the other end of the spectrum, the person that has a $5,000 dog that they put in the dog show and then in the kennel. The animals IMHO that we have as pets are our friends, our confidants, our source of amusement, our listeners, and, most importantly, a part of our family.

The recent poisonings of the dogs on the island sickens me more than anyone can know, concurrently, the people that have “pets” that are not loved or cared for is equally disturbing.
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