Love that Rum

Posted By: wyowind

Love that Rum - 02/12/10 01:55 AM

Chartering in Belize in April and looking for opinions on local rum. Wasn't crazy about the One Barrel I had last year, but wow prices are major high on others. Except for the Caribbean Gold Rum. Any opinions on this? Other brands that don't cost an arm and a leg.
Posted By: SimonB

Re: Love that Rum - 02/12/10 03:47 AM

Current Rum prices at Premium Wines US$

1 Barrel Rum (Belize) 1 litre $15.84
1 Barrel Rum (Belize) 1/2 Gallon $23.40
3 Barrel Rum (Belize) 1 litre $20.16
5 Barrel Rum (Belize) 750ml $20.16
Appleton 12 Y.O. 750ml $50.41
Appleton 250th Anniversary 750ml $142.58
Appleton Dark 1 litre $48.25
Appleton Gold 1 litre $48.25
Appleton VX 1 litre $50.41
Bacardi 151º Proof 1 litre $51.13
Bacardi 8 Year Old 1 litre $55.45
Bacardi Big Apple 1 litre $48.97
Bacardi Coconut 1 litre $48.97
Bacardi Gold 1.1 litre $51.85
Bacardi Limón 1 litre $48.97
Bacardi Melon 1 litre $48.97
Bacardi Orange 1 litre $48.97
Bacardi Raspberry 1 litre $48.97
Bacardi Silver 1 litre $48.25
Barbancourt Haitian Rum 750ml $72.01
Batuque Superior Cachaca 750ml $66.97
Beleza Cachaca 750ml $59.77
Beleza Pura Caipirinha 750ml $51.13
Cane Juice Rum (Belize) 1 litre $11.88
Captain Morgan Parrott Bay 1 litre $48.25
Captain Morgan Spiced Rum 1 litre $48.25
Caribbean White (Belize) 1 litre $12.24
Caribbean Gold (Belize) 1 litre $12.24
Cristal Lite (Belize) 200ml $3.56
Cristal Lite (Belize) 1 litre $14.04
Cruzan Banana Rum 1 litre $43.21
Cruzan Dark Rum 1 litre $43.21
Cruzan Light Rum 1 litre $43.21
Don Q 151º 1 litre $28.92
Flor de Cana Black Label 1 litre $46.09
Flor de Cana Grand Reseve 1 litre $51.85
Goslings Black SealRum 1 litre $50.41
Malibu Coconut Rum 1 litre $47.53
Montecristo 12 Y Aged Dark Rum 1 litre $80.65
Montecristo Premium Blend White Rum 1 litre $80.65
Mount Gay Eclipse 1 litre $47.53
Mount Gay Extra OldRum 1 litre $61.21
Myers's "Planters Punch" 1 litre $48.25
Old Master Coconut Rum (Belize) 1 litre $16.56
Old Master White (Belize) 1 litre $12.24
Old Master Gold (Belize) 1 litre $12.24
Pitu 1 litre $57.61
Porfidio Plata 750ml $62.65
PorfidioAnejo 750ml $62.65
Ron Rico Gold 750ml $33.85
Ron Rico Silver 750ml $33.85
Ron Zacapa Centenario 23 YO, Guatemala 1 litre $96.50
Sagatiba 750ml $44.65
Starr African Rum Ultra Superior Light 750ml $99.38
Strong Rum (Belize) 200ml $2.88
Tommy Bahama White Sand 1 litre $74.89
Travellers Coconut Rum (Belize) 1 litre $18.00
Travellers Coconut Rum (Belize) 1/2 Gallon $29.52
Posted By: Gaz Cooper

Re: Love that Rum - 02/12/10 12:36 PM

Caribbean Gold Kicks ASS

Love it and cheap as chips Belize has some great Rums in my opinion no need to buy the imported stuff
Posted By: D.O.A.

Re: Love that Rum - 02/12/10 03:21 PM

I have made it a mission over the years to sample and resample every kind of rum on the island. If one barrel is not your tastes, you might consider 5 barrel for a more "aged " rum (one of two default rums I drink and bring home) or going in the other direction Cane Juice if you can find it. These two are polar opposites in my opinion and I like them both. You could also pick up a nice bottle of Ron Zacapa Centanario 23 year old or the 15 year old at duty free on your way in to the country. Last time through the Zacapa 15 was $25 US, I am a devout Zacapist as well, when the budget allows. (it is a good way to determine when it is time to fly back to restock, down to a bottle make a reservation).....
Posted By: JeanH

Re: Love that Rum - 02/12/10 04:00 PM

I'm surprised Havana Club isn't more available in Belize. I've seen it at Duty Free, but never on Ambergris. Love the aged stuff....
Posted By: captjeff

Re: Love that Rum - 02/12/10 04:06 PM

Simon ,Did you miss any ..???????? You are the source for sure . You do have your sh*t together LOL .
Posted By: SimonB

Re: Love that Rum - 02/12/10 04:50 PM

I'm with you on the Zacapa 23 year old (when the budget allows).
Posted By: SimonB

Re: Love that Rum - 02/12/10 04:51 PM

That's all of them, as far as Premium Wines go at least. Would you like the Tequila list?
Posted By: 6string

Re: Love that Rum - 02/12/10 05:05 PM

What is the island rum that tastes like Malibu coconut rum? Had some last year, it was good and cheap.
Posted By: SimonB

Re: Love that Rum - 02/12/10 05:22 PM

Travellers Coconut or Old Master Coconut.
Posted By: D.O.A.

Re: Love that Rum - 02/12/10 10:31 PM

Yeah, I do not know what it is about that rattan band that makes Ron taste so good. There are not a lot of good things that I have to say about Guatamela, but they can definitely make a good rum. Must be some truth to that whole production from cane and not molasses statement.

All this rum talk has made me realize that an overage is about to occur in the budget on the way home. smile
Posted By: SimonB

Re: Love that Rum - 02/13/10 12:00 AM

All you wanted to know about Ron Zacapa and more:
Posted By: wyowind

Re: Love that Rum - 02/13/10 02:40 AM

Great suggestions! You guys know your rum. Got another question--loved the Belikin last year. Haven't had the Belikin Premium yet--what's the difference in the two besides one comes in 12oz bottles and one in 8oz?
Posted By: SimonB

Re: Love that Rum - 02/13/10 03:26 AM

Regular is better.
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