Posted By: ronplatinum

Beaches? - 03/29/04 07:22 AM

I took my wife and kids to the Mayan Riviera and Cozumel last year and loved the beaches. I have heard the beaches in Belize are not that great when compared to those on the Mayan Riviera or Cozumel - any opinions or input?
Posted By: Chloe

Re: Beaches? - 03/29/04 05:17 PM

Beaches in Belize get a bad rap IMHO. I love the white sand.

I live on the Gulf of Mexico coast USA, our beaches have sand dunes, and the hotel/resorts are built further back from the shoreline. Useable beach is not all that wide.

Beaches around Florida in most areas are about the same width as Belize. Hotels/resorts are built close to shoreline.

Difference being, the hotel/resorts in Belize have beach sand as walk ways, and courtyards, where in other places, the hotel/resort property is totally concrete.

Sand gets very hot, at least in Belize you can tip toe to the water's edge quickly.
Posted By: Barbara K

Re: Beaches? - 03/29/04 06:47 PM

I think the beaches are very comparable to Cozumel's. Not as wide and long as Cancun or Akumal but still very nice and larger & wider in some spots than others. Same fine white sand.
Posted By: Jack and Rose

Re: Beaches? - 03/29/04 10:59 PM

I have been going to Cozumel every year for several. I have only been to AC in Belize. Are you saying the beaches on AC are comparable to the ones in Cozumel???? The beaches in Cozumel are far superior to the ones on AC. Don't get me wrong,I loved San Pedro & the whole Island,but beaches are not the draw there.

The best one we saw was at Banyan Bay Resort.
Posted By: Jack and Rose

Re: Beaches? - 03/29/04 11:04 PM

Hey Babs, I am only having a little fun but I looked at your profile & low and behold you run a travel agency the specialty is Belize!! Of course you are ging to say AC'S beaches are comparable to Cozumel!!! I guess we all have to make a living
and promotion is half the battle.
Posted By: KWIBMF

Re: Beaches? - 03/29/04 11:38 PM

Never been to Placencia, but I hear the beaches are pretty nice. If the comparison is between AC and Cozumel, I'd have to agree with J & R.
Posted By: KBG

Re: Beaches? - 03/30/04 03:36 AM

From my experience, I have been to Mexico beaches many of them, wide white sand and heavy surf, SP has narrower beaches in most places and some water grass with smooth water, Plancencia, and I have been there several times also, has very remote and sometimes beautiful beaches with wide white/gold sand, heavy surf and sometimes placid. So don't count Belize out unless you are looking for the crowds and action of Cancun. If you are realy into beautiful beaches check out Belize, and No I am not a travel agent and do not own property in Belize. laugh laugh laugh KBG
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