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camping,and.... - 04/30/10 05:09 AM

I was thinking about spending some time out there. is there safe tent camping anywhere? Whats the length of the island? is it paved? I would like to bring my bike and ride a bit each day, are folks kite surfing out there? What activities are going on other than dive/fish/snorkel/ect...Thanks, what could I bring out with me from belize city that would be a hit for barter? What about bringing my dog? Is any of this realistic?
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Re: camping,and.... - 04/30/10 03:54 PM

We have a good bartering system out here. All of our services and goods are avaialble via this system. You earn or bring your own credits for the system and use these to gain the products or services you require. The credits are often printed on paper or are made from metal discs. If you work for your credits ask how many you will receive in return for the amount of work. Look after your credits. We have special places that will look after these credits and give you other bits of paper or peices of plastc to use as credits instead of the disks and paer. These alternate peices of plastic and paper cost a few extra discs to use and are still widely accepted having the benfit of being supposedly safer than the intial discs and paper.

Lastly. More is more.
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OK just kidding. For more flesh on the bone do a search on each individual question but.......... Used to be Camping just over the Cut at Tom Vidrines property not sure it's still offered. 26 miles 3 paved rest dirt roads. Kite Surfing at Sailsports Belize at Caribbean Villas. What more could you want than dive/fish/snorkel/etc. Lots of Dogs one more is no problem as long as you take it back when you leave. Bartering......I think you get the picture from the first message.
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Originally Posted by Lesismor
what could I bring out with me from belize city that would be a hit for barter? What about bringing my dog?

I don't think your dog will be that good for barter.
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Re: camping,and.... - 04/30/10 05:49 PM

I don't know Peter, I bet she could find lots of people here that would like to wok her dog.
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"wok her dog"

Would that just be the Chinese community on the caye??!!
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Re: camping,and.... - 05/01/10 05:43 AM

This alsatian, by da name of Crystal may be commin fo a visit, I just 4t5 min its a way. faster if flyen. wind be wippen as i TYPE. THANKS for the info, Belize city getten old after tree plus years, turquoise wat ter needed.God hav
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