not forgotten

Posted By: Timmy

not forgotten - 05/12/10 07:36 AM

I just got on and was stunned to learn tha some of the folks had passed away..does anyone know when? Any details? Folks like
Jerry Mcdermott
Tris Carter
Peter Hancock
John Greif
Don Fido
Don Seferino
Whatever happend to Pacifico (Spanish)
John Crow
Sandy Storey
George Stefanko
Allan Forman
Corey McDermott
Vern Hammon
Gustavo Arceo
Henry Beissner
The Kruegers
Posted By: Diane Campbell

Re: not forgotten - 05/12/10 12:49 PM

A fair number of these folks are very much alive, and others died more than a decade ago. Each story deserves more space than this message board allows. Suggest you visit the island more often if you can!
Posted By: Timmy

Re: not forgotten - 05/14/10 05:54 AM

I saw a list of those that passed away: Who is still around on this list?? THX.. ps. I was back three times but now live in New Zealand..too far and expensive to visit without years between.
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