A couple of quick questions

Posted By: thurlkill

A couple of quick questions - 07/06/10 07:25 PM

Hello all,

I am brand new on the board and have planned a trip down there on August 19th. There will be 5 other guys traveling with me and we are staying at the Caribbean Villas. We may take a fishing trip on one day but for the most part we are just coming down there to relax. So, having said that, I have a couple of questions if you guys could help me out.

First, we are all guitar players but do not want to trust the airlines with damaging one of our guitars. Is there a music store in town that we could rent a guitar for the week? We would prefer a steel string guitar but a nylon string would work.

Secondly, we are still debating how we are going to get there from the airport. We don't mind taking a water taxi but don't know anything about it. Is it possible to grab a case of beer for the trip or do you just sit there for the ride?

Thanks in advance for any help and hope to meet some of you when we are down there.

Posted By: Diane Campbell

Re: A couple of quick questions - 07/06/10 08:16 PM

Hi Josh -

No guitar shops on the island that I know of - you might find a fellow musician who wants to jam tho.

Water taxi is often like a very crowded bus - the case of beer concept won't work. Also note the downside of drinking beer on a 90 minute boat ride with no rest-room; and no-place out of the wind or public view to relieve yourself. I've observed some really miserable young men who had a few pints prior to getting on the boat --- leave it to your imagination. Strongly recommend arriving via airplane - it's easy & pretty. If you feel inclined to take the longer route back to the airport at the end of your trip you can opt for that, but don't do it to yourself on arrival.

Enjoy every minute of your stay. Welcome to the island!!

Posted By: thurlkill

Re: A couple of quick questions - 07/06/10 08:38 PM

Thanks Diane for the quick response!

That is pretty much what I expected. Looks like the plane it is and if anyone wants to come jam with some good ole country boys from Texas, you are more than welcome. haa
Posted By: champion

Re: A couple of quick questions - 07/06/10 08:53 PM

You will save some dough if you take a taxi to town and get a flight from the muninciple. Maya will discount even more for US Cash. Just got back and the fare to muni and flight over was US$85.00 for 2, 1 way. I also think its a faster route than to go thru screening again then waiting for the next flight from Goldson.
Posted By: Diane Campbell

Re: A couple of quick questions - 07/06/10 09:39 PM

Champion is right about the savings in cost, but I'm not convinced that going to muni necessarily saves time.

Details on cost and time - Five guys plus luggage = probably two taxis to Muni. Cost of that is $50 Bz per taxi plus tip. Taxi-travel time is 1/2 hour.

Flights from Muni are on a reservation basis and the flights fly on schedule. If you have a reservation and miss it you are not automatically rolled over to the next one as they do at International. The flights from International will wait for you and will make sure you get to the Caye regardless of other complications. If you arrive early enough in the day you can probably make the muni connection work, but with five people and little planes you could find that there are not so many seats available at the spur of the moment (if you miss your reservation and need to roll over to another flight). For experienced travelers to Belize none of this is such a big deal, but first time arrivals are more confusing.
For a first visit, and up on arrival I'd suggest the more expensive, but easier flight from International, and arranging the more colorful and cheaper way for your departure and future visits to the caye. You WILL be back !

Posted By: champion

Re: A couple of quick questions - 07/06/10 10:17 PM

We may have been very fortunate to the timing of things to be sure. We landed at BZE about 10:20 AM Sunday and only had carry on. We were the first in line at the imigration and thru customs in less than 10 Min. Caught the cab to muni and then waited 15 min and left muni on the 11:30 flight. Had our 1st belikin at BC's by 12:15. True FACT! We got to Capt Morgans by 1PM

Re: A couple of quick questions - 07/06/10 10:29 PM

Good advice from Diane & Champion above.

As for jamming with a local band I recomend that you look up Dennis Wolfe & the Usual Suspects band. They play several days a week around San Pedro and they love having some outside talent sitting in. You may want to contact them when you get there so they can bring extra Guitars for you

Dennis & the band have a bunch of the Jerry Jeff Walker fans play with them during his several visits to San Pedro

Also All Cayed Up Band plays at Crazy Canucks Bar & Wet Willy's bar (Blues, and a little bit of everything)

There may be some other bands jaming, but I am not sure who is in town in August.

Have a blast. I always do!!
Posted By: lil'red

Re: A couple of quick questions - 07/06/10 10:30 PM

I can likely hook you up in the guitars area. Can get you accoustic nylon string and/or semi hollow body electric. Even a beatle bass. PM me for more info if you like.

Hey 2 miles.....muah to you and T.
Posted By: thurlkill

Re: A couple of quick questions - 07/10/10 06:29 PM

Thank you all for the great advice! We were not aware of the options of flying over. We are getting that worked out now.

We will definitely check out some of those bands. Good news for us is that we checked with Continental and they said we could bring a guitar as a carry on item. I have no idea where they will put it, but we are going to bring them on the plane with us.

Thanks again for your offers and advice. 40 days and we'll be on the island.
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