Anywhere else comparable?

Posted By: Hon

Anywhere else comparable? - 04/06/05 06:28 PM

My husband has this idea that he wants to go to Roatan or Utila to 'see more of the Caribbean'.

Because I do all of the planning and am a bit of a worrier (I was in total panic until I saw San Pedro for the first time), I'd be quite happy with going back to AC endlessly/forever. But, then again, maybe it's time for me to become more of an adventurer eek

Does anyone know how the ambiance of these islands compares to Ambergris Caye?

Posted By: Ernie B

Re: Anywhere else comparable? - 04/06/05 06:35 PM

Nothing, My dear Hon, compares to A/C. I have lived and traveled all over the globe and always return to San Pedro.
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Re: Anywhere else comparable? - 04/06/05 09:09 PM


I couldn't have said it any better...and second that!
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Re: Anywhere else comparable? - 04/06/05 10:50 PM

D'ya think I asked this question on the wrong Message Board? smile

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Re: Anywhere else comparable? - 04/06/05 11:37 PM

kinda like preaching to the choir
Posted By: Ernie B

Re: Anywhere else comparable? - 04/07/05 12:13 AM

"AMEN" laugh
Posted By: Sir Isaac Newton

Re: Anywhere else comparable? - 04/07/05 01:00 AM

Some other low key Caribbean destinations I enjoy:

Xcalak, Quinatana Roo, Mexico
Hopkins Village, Stann Creek, Belize
Livingston, Guatemala
Guanaja/Utila, Honduras
Corn Island, Nicarauga

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Re: Anywhere else comparable? - 04/07/05 04:39 PM

I'll chime in here. Although we are huge fans of AC and Belize in general (we've been to and stayed in/on/at Glovers, Turneffe, Lighthouse, Palencia, Dangriga, Orange Walk, Ian Anderson's, Maruba), there are magical places all over the world.

Utila and Roatan are two of them. As with all things, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Utila and Roatan are somewhat slower paced than AC (if you can belive that) and almost everyone I know who goes or have met there are avid divers. It is still primarily a place for divers. That said, I've met many a fisherman, barfly, escape artist there and I think anyone with the right frame of mind can have a ball. I'd reccommend trying them if you are so inclined. But stop all that worrying!
Posted By: Hon

Re: Anywhere else comparable? - 04/07/05 07:49 PM

Well, thanks a bunch SIN and itsjustme :p Now I'm going to have to put on a really good show of checking these places out laugh

Posted By: Scott

Re: Anywhere else comparable? - 04/07/05 09:03 PM

Hon... The Bay Islands are wonderful, but a little different than AC. For tourism, diving is the main draw. They do not have the eco-tourism that Belize has in terms of mainland jungle resorts or uncovered Mayan ruins. We like Utila the best. It has a quaint village and we always stay at Laguna Beach Resort ( There is nowhere near the hotel/resort and restaurant infrastructure that AC has so most dive resorts/lodges are all-inclusive. We have also stayed at Posada del Sol on Guanaja and it is very up-scale, but once again, if you don't dive there's not much to do other than relax and read and enjoy the ambience. There are no roads on Guanaja so it's water taxis to get around, and other than the stilt village and hiking, there's not alot to see or do. Roatan is the largest with the most hotels and dive resorts. We have stayed at CocoView dive resort and it is great! The West End area is nice with several hotels and restaurants. Don't go expecting a San Pedro type of village with lot's of shops and restaurants.
Posted By: Sir Isaac Newton

Re: Anywhere else comparable? - 04/08/05 03:55 PM

.... like San Pedro of yesteryear.

We will be awaiting your report Hon.

Posted By: Hon

Re: Anywhere else comparable? - 04/08/05 11:09 PM

If I like what I find as I do my research, I will _consider_ another vacation destination. It's far, far from a done deal cool

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Re: Anywhere else comparable? - 04/08/05 11:46 PM

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Re: Anywhere else comparable? - 04/13/05 02:38 AM

Hi Hon - We did a split holiday to Roatan and SP late last year and i prefer SP(been 3 times in a year). Roatan is quieter - more Caye Caulkerish but i'd say it has more varied diving (if your into that) Another thing to consider is the bugs!!! Roatan is sand fly city - for some reason i didnt actually get badly bitten but everyone i was with was going bananas because of the bites! There is definately more going on in SP but i'd say Roatan is more laid back - it's very lush and green - more beautiful than SP - you can go Zip lining and horse riding along the beach too. We stayed on West Bay Beach at a place called Las Rocas - loved it - met some great people - definately cheaper than SP, but there isnt nearly as big a choice of restaurants and bars . I really loved Roatan and it's how i imagine SP was 15 years ago - hasnt got in my blood like SP does though! Why dont you split your trip - fly to Roatan and then head up to SP like we did- continental flies to Roatan on a sat from Houston and you can go from Roatan to Belize for about $160 us - on a Monday, Wed and Friday on Atlantic airlines. I would definately consider doing the same sort of trip again! Have a great time what ever you end up doing -
Posted By: streetchie

Re: Anywhere else comparable? - 04/13/05 02:40 PM

Hi Hon,

You may want to try Bocas Del Toro, Panama. My wife and I have owned a home there for about 5 years and split our time between Boston, SP, and Bocas. Like San Pedro, Bocas Town is completely laid back and you will encounter friendly locals, tourists and expats. We travel often with our grandkids who are 17 and 19 years old. They both seem to enjoy Bocas a little more, but we prefer SP. Have fun wherever you go.

Re: Anywhere else comparable? - 04/14/05 01:24 AM

Posted By: mimi

Re: Anywhere else comparable? - 04/15/05 05:00 PM

hey hon,
ever been to the lesser antilles in the eastern caribbean? the british virgin islands are among my favorites. all the islands are very laid back, have gorgeous beaches, amazing blue water, sailboats everywhere and tons of history and pirate lore. just awesome.
that area is truly a piece of paradise that should be experienced in our lifetime. you won't regret it.
just google 'bvi'. let me know if you want more info.
Posted By: booboo

Re: Anywhere else comparable? - 04/15/05 06:09 PM

Love AC, good diving, great fishing. Another favorite destination. Bonaire. WONDERFUL diving.
Great people, atmosphere and food.
Posted By: Hon

Re: Anywhere else comparable? - 04/15/05 06:30 PM

Hey, I just had a brilliant idea. _Two_ vacations every to AC and another to explore these wonderful places you have described laugh

I am a genius, I tell you!!!

Posted By: evening

Re: Anywhere else comparable? - 04/15/05 07:42 PM

I second the Bocas recommendation. Its completely unlike anywhere else I've ever been. Lots of tiny islands to explore, great snorkeling, Indian communities to visit and enough expats around to warrant good restaurants and a gourmet store!

Roatan was OK - I think the fact that it rained 90% of the time I was there influenced my feelings. But getting there, compared with anywhere else is a hassle if you don't live in Houston or Miami! Definitely put a change of clothes/bathing suit in your carry on. The luggage situation is a joke. They lost the luggage of all 18 people on my flight from Roatan to San Pedro Sula (with unexpected deplane in La Ceiba)...could as easily have happened in other direction. Took Taca 2 wks to locate the bag!

If you go to Roatan or Utila, stock up on Cactus Juice in advance. I saw a lot of legs with bite sores in the airport, but I didn't get one! Their Miracle Gel for bites worked wonders on the fire ant bites and weird rash I picked up in Belize last week.
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Re: Anywhere else comparable? - 04/16/05 09:33 PM

Xcalac looks today like San Pedro did in the late 70's. I also enjoyed Utila when I was there.
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