"Kill it and grill it!"

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"Kill it and grill it!" - 11/15/10 04:00 PM

"Kill it and grill it!" says Sean Morton, superintendent of the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, a 3,900-square-mile National Park that is entirely underwater. The park is licensing hundreds of scuba divers to exterminate red lionfish in "no-take" areas where other fishing and spearing isn't permitted. "We want people to get out there and kill as many as possible," he says.
The marine community is giving the same edict up and down the East Coast. Just as its fellow emigre from the Far East, the Asian carp, has shaken up the Great Lakes, the lionfish is taking on new territory.
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Re: "Kill it and grill it!" - 11/15/10 05:52 PM

I think restaurants should start seving it up as SPECIAL of THE DAY!
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Re: "Kill it and grill it!" - 11/15/10 07:29 PM

I'll definitely help! You guys catch’em and I will eat’em!!!!!!
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Re: "Kill it and grill it!" - 11/15/10 09:10 PM

The dive masters are cooking them up on the grill with regularly.
It seem all thats necessary is to cut the fins off with out touching them and its better than snapper.
One of our divemasters killed 132 last month and is already over 300 for this month.
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Re: "Kill it and grill it!" - 11/15/10 10:19 PM

oh lordy thats a lot
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Re: "Kill it and grill it!" - 11/15/10 10:40 PM

Hey Elbert, if we get any on Wednesday can I take them home for dinner?
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Re: "Kill it and grill it!" - 11/30/10 12:50 PM

Im curious to the biggest one caught so far? I love lionfish (the looks) I had a tank in Ohio with 3 before i loved down.

Of course I dumped them in the ocean in FL on my way down to BZ. (Joke mine died sigh). But yeah anyway Im thinking about keeping a tank of them in BZ when i get back. Hmm gonna start a new thread about tanks... brb
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Re: "Kill it and grill it!" - 11/30/10 01:51 PM

Their getting bigger, nice snapper size. Our Lion Killer champion is down for a few days he got stung several times before but with out much reaction, however the big one that stung him yesterday sent him into convulsions and we had to rush him to the doctor for epi injections. Hes gona be out of work for a few days, meanwhile the Lionfish are getting bigger and bigger.
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Re: "Kill it and grill it!" - 11/30/10 02:32 PM

yup, wont be long, can read it now: "DIVER SWALLOWED BY MONSTER LIONFISH AT HOL CHAN" - story at 11. grin

Randy's (Dry Pirate) Lionfish Recipe


Wear Heavy Duty Mechanics Gloves and be careful!!!
With heavy kitchen scissors trim off all fins, Dorsal, Anal, Pectoral and Tail at their base. then Fillet the fish as you would any other bottom fish. Once skinned cut out rib-cage leaving a bite sized fillet (depending on size of fish) boneless and skinless.

Batter after dredge.

Dredge: 1 egg, 1/4 cup milk, 2 tbsp Mayo, 2 tbsp yellow mustard whisk to frothy. Soak Fillets until wet both sides.

Batter: Zatarains Seasoned Fish Fry...or Crispy Southern, or Louisiana Fish Fry, or Drakes, or any other brand you like.

Florida Style would be Dixie Darling Cracker meal with salt and Pepper added to taste.

Coat both sides till completely dry. Fry in Vegetable oil at 250-300 degrees for 4-5 min. Serve with Fries or Grits or Cheese Grits or Peas N Rice or Mac n Cheese or S Louisiana Style with white beans & rice. Enjoy!

PS...I incurred several barbs while handling them. Remove the barbs with tweezers asap and soak area with vinegar. All tingles and pain stopped quickly. It was really less severe than jellyfish, but I must say I have a high tolerance for bites and stings. I have been bitten by snakes, jellys, bees, wasps, yellow jackets, hornets, spiders, etc...without any major reaction. Try it at your own risk.
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Re: "Kill it and grill it!" - 11/30/10 03:02 PM

To neutralize the toxin before you clean/fillet them, immerse the fish in a COLD brine solution for about 10 minutes. IE: Keep a cooler full of ice on your boat. Fill it with a bit of water and dump in a POUND or two of salt (depending on how big the cooler is.) When you spear the fish and are back up on deck, toss them in. By the time you get back to the dock, you handle the fish w/ out worry.

Elbert: If you're regularly getting nice size ones, let us know/bring the fillets here, we'll buy them. We make some tasty lionfish tacos.

"Lionfsh tacos at Rojo... Saving the reef one taco at a time."

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Re: "Kill it and grill it!" - 11/30/10 03:27 PM

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Re: "Kill it and grill it!" - 11/30/10 04:19 PM

Mathieu's Delicatessen is opening Friday 3rd on Pescador Drive San Pedro. We have had the word out at Hol Chan MR, various dive shops, fishermen and on the street that we are IN THE MARKET for Lionfish. So far, we have had NOBODY come try sell us some. PLEASE PUT THE WORD OUT! Call me on 670-DELI, we are located next to the SMART building!!!
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Re: "Kill it and grill it!" - 11/30/10 04:25 PM
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Re: "Kill it and grill it!" - 12/08/10 06:16 PM
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Re: "Kill it and grill it!" - 12/08/10 06:19 PM
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Tacos, that sound yummy.....I need to give em a try.
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Re: "Kill it and grill it!" - 12/08/10 10:14 PM

didnt realize there were so many!
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Re: "Kill it and grill it!" - 12/08/10 10:44 PM

Its frighting!
Eat all you can and quickly.
make Lionfish buggers and sell a million.
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Re: "Kill it and grill it!" - 12/08/10 11:01 PM

Elbert, I SERIOUSLY hope that you meant "burgers".....the thought of sticking a lionfish up my nose is tantamount to suicide!

Just Kiddin, ya know..........
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Re: "Kill it and grill it!" - 12/08/10 11:42 PM

That spell check stuff can be Dangerfield.
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Re: "Kill it and grill it!" - 12/17/10 03:52 PM

Hey Elbert, what kind of size are you guys catching? We are in the market for the lionfish - bring them to us and we'll serve them on our menu! Is anyone a little concerned that dive shops may get a bad name with clients for spending dives catching lionfish and not guiding dives (I'm referring to several tripadvisor comments on one particular dive shop on SP...)?
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Re: "Kill it and grill it!" - 12/17/10 06:27 PM

I'm concerned also, the guides are in a hot competition but the job comes first. I've cautioned them. I saw that review of that dive shop on trip adviser and printed it out for my guys to read so that they might be aware it could annoy the tourist.
The Lemon virus Lemon aid of this could be to organize Lionfish Killing dives and sell trips for that.
I think a lot of the tourist would dig it and it would take the pressure off the normal scheduled dives to eradicate this menace to the reef.
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Re: "Kill it and grill it!" - 12/17/10 06:57 PM

I was recently diving at Roatan. On each of our dives, there were one or two other divers/dive masters/divemasters-in- training, diving along with us, specifically to hunt the lionfish. Our dive master still guided the dive, pointed out the sites, including lionfish, and the hunters took the lionfish. All of the fun divers found it to be a cool addition. However, had our dive master/guide, been completely focussed on being the hunter, I doubt we'd have thought it all that, perhaps necessary but not an addition to our enjoyment.
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Re: "Kill it and grill it!" - 12/17/10 08:54 PM

Yep that's what the complaint was about for that dive shop on Trip Adviser. The DM was preoccupied.
I think making a special event dive (on a separate boat)to kill Lionfish would be popular. Tons of divers just itching to get a spear in their hands and kill something.
Put them all on a special Spear Hunting excursion charge a price comparable to local diving rates and rent them a spear gun.
sell the fillet to the local restaurants and give a prize to the best hunter. win win and win.
It would even be good business for the local doctors!!
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Re: "Kill it and grill it!" - 12/20/10 07:35 PM

Elbert, I think that's what Ramon's is doing - selling dives as "lionfish spearing dives" and they've made their own small spearguns with reversible tips so they can be used as pointers/ spearguns. They're even selling the spearguns (slings) as tourist souvenirs!
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Re: "Kill it and grill it!" - 12/20/10 07:36 PM

I guess someone could even write a PADI specialty "spearfishing lionfish in Belize - safety and environmental concerns" !
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Re: "Kill it and grill it!" - 12/20/10 07:39 PM

Ya know, that's not a bad idea at all!
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Re: "Kill it and grill it!" - 12/22/10 01:21 PM

gives a bit more kudos and "officialdom" to it all.
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