US Notary on the Island?

Posted By: SnoopysMom

US Notary on the Island? - 11/19/10 08:00 PM

Is there anyone here that can notarize my signature on a document? Thanks!
Posted By: pirate villas

Re: US Notary on the Island? - 11/19/10 08:44 PM

go under search....u.s notary
Posted By: joey2angels

Re: US Notary on the Island? - 11/20/10 12:20 AM

Try the bank and bring your passport!!
Posted By: ragman

Re: US Notary on the Island? - 11/20/10 12:29 AM

You know this question comes up from time to time. We are moving down this winter and my wife is a Notary in the state of Massachusetts. I wonder if it would help anyone if she brought her stamp down with her? Board members?
Posted By: Lan Sluder/Belize First

Re: US Notary on the Island? - 11/20/10 01:49 AM

In most (but not all) cases U.S. notaries cannot legally notarize documents outside their home state.
Posted By: ragman

Re: US Notary on the Island? - 11/20/10 01:14 PM

Lan, My wife informed me she may not be accepted by the party requiring a notary. I don't think it is illegal for her to do it though. If accepted by the party requiring it what is the harm? If not, the person would have to find another way. Proof of ID is the same and I would think that most wanting this would possess a passport which is an excellent ID. I suspect there wouldn't be a problem and it would be accepted in most cases but....? There is no fraud or intent to deceive involved.

I just asked my wife to be sure and she informed me that it is very unusual that the location of where this takes place, meaning city, county or whatever is identified in the notarization. The stamp itself of course does say, in this case, Massachusetts. Some legal forms do ask. I suspect in most cases no one pays much attention to this detail.

When I was off sailing I had a stamp made with the vessels name ect. that I would use as an official stamp for clearing crew for immigration and customs. Other important papers that had to go to officialdom. The stamp meant nothing, wasn't official, legal or anything but it made all the different in the world for smoothing things over. I would sign below as the Captain and everyone was happy. grin

Posted By: natalie p

Re: US Notary on the Island? - 11/20/10 01:31 PM

It depends on the document---sometimes a JP can do it.Call me or email me.There is a Belizean Notary in town as well.
Posted By: Beachdog

Re: US Notary on the Island? - 11/20/10 03:26 PM

I just went through the process and this is what my State-Side Attorney said regarding my documents: "Yes a Belize notary seal is acceptable since they are a party to the Hague Convention regarding the legalization of foreign documents".... My case pertained to a property Deed transaction in the US where my signature was needed with a witness and notary stamp (in this case a Belizean J.P. was acceptable because I reside in BZ) In the past I had to go to the US Embassy in Belmopan. They now charge 50.00USD for each stamp which adds up quickly with only a few docs!
Posted By: ragman

Re: US Notary on the Island? - 11/20/10 05:56 PM

Beachdog, That makes sense. The flip side of that situation. When I applied for QRP status in Belize my paperwork was notarized by my next door neighbor who was a Notary. This was done in the USA and accepted by Belize.

I think it all depends on who is asking for the stamp. Real important papers like your real estate transaction might be scrutinized more.

$50 USD per page… Some transactions I have done required a guaranteed signature and if I paid at all it certainly wasn’t that high. I would think that would be more expensive. It might have cost $5 or $10 USD.
Posted By: natalie p

Re: US Notary on the Island? - 11/20/10 06:34 PM

Belize JP's are not permitted to charge for their services.
Posted By: iluvbelize

Re: US Notary on the Island? - 11/20/10 08:52 PM

A Belize attorney can notarize your documents - it is basically an acknowledgment to your signature. A US notary cannot notarize your signature outside of the state in which they are commissioned.
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