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fire - 12/27/10 02:24 PM

Just heard by the grapevine that Richie's Store burned down last night. Can't find any details online.
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Re: fire - 12/27/10 02:27 PM

It was the store behind:
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Re: fire - 12/27/10 02:33 PM

thanks for clarification Simon.
How did our firefighters do this time - - -
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Re: fire - 12/27/10 02:53 PM

Firefighters contained it before it spread, but it was awfully chaotic:

Looks like the melted sign said "Judy's fast food"
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Re: fire - 12/28/10 02:26 PM

Fire at Judy's Bar & Fast Food

Shortly after 4:30pm, a call came in to The San Pedro Sun stating that a fire was underway in the San Juan Area. Upon arriving at the scene, thick smoke and large flames were seen consuming the structure between Richie's Supermarket and Los Cocos Restaurant.The business on fire was Judy's Bar & Fast Food. The wood/cement structure was quickly consumed by the flames, which it seems originated from the kitchen.

>While details are still unknown, what can be said is that the firefighters put in all efforts to control the fire, containing the area and ensuring that the surrounding areas were saved.
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Re: fire - 12/29/10 03:09 PM

Judy’s Fast Food & Bar gutted by fire on Boxing Day

food restaurant on La Isla Bonita was gutted by fire on Boxing Day. The blaze erupted at around four-thirty in the afternoon and is believed to have originated in the kitchen of Judy’s Fast Food and Bar. This video, which was posted on YouTube, shows the San Pedro Fire Department hard at work not only to out the inferno, but to keep it from spreading to adjacent businesses. A massive crowd of spectators gathered, and as is the norm on the island, some of them assisted the officials in battling the blaze. The fire fighters are said to have worked right into the night to out the flames. Judy’s, a wooden and concrete structure, was completely destroyed, but the nearby supermarket and restaurant were untouched. The fire is said to have been cause by an electrical failure.

Channel 5

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Re: fire - 01/01/11 05:44 PM

Judy’s Bar & Fast Food destroyed in Boxing Day blaze

[Linked Image] Residents of the San Juan Area were alarmed at the sight of thick dark smoke stretching high in the sky on December 26th a little after 4:30pm. Quickly, residents from near and far converged around the block of street in front of what was formerly Judy's Bar & Fast Food.

In speaking with Fire Chief Mr. Jerome Garcia of the San Pedro Fire Department, The San Pedro Sun learned that information reached the Fire Department on Sunday December 26th at 4:30pm of a house on fire in the San Juan Area. Fire fighters were dispatched to the scene. The fire fighters reported seeing the dark smoke as they approached the area. Upon arrival they found the building belonging to Mrs. Suzie Halliday, located on Piper St., ablaze.

The residence housed three different establishments - a Bar, a Restaurant/Kitchen and the living quarters of its renter. The building had been rented by Xiao Zhan Mai, or "Ms. Judy" as she is known by island residents. At the time of the fire, Ms. Mai was out of the country; however, her husband was the only person reportedly on the premises.
The fire spread quickly and within an hour and a half, firefighters managed to contain the blaze. After initial investigation of the damages, it was estimated that the cost of content lost was valued at Bze$32,235.00. The value estimated to the restaurant and kitchen area of the structure is valued at Bze$18,200.00. At news time, the value estimated to the damage sustained by the cement building housing the bar was unknown. Investigations further revealed that the structure was not insured. After investigation into the cause of the fire, it was determined that the fire occurred as a result of electrical problems in the kitchen area.

San Pedro Sun
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