SPRCS fence gets another facelift

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SPRCS fence gets another facelift - 01/01/11 05:42 PM

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Once again, students have been getting into the paints, helping to put on a beautiful mural on the cement fence of the San Pedro Roman Catholic School (SPRCS). With the help of Liza Mills, who is back to give children a chance to color their school beautifully, everyone has been pitching in to add much-needed life to the mural, which, unfortunately didn't quite survive the paintings of the Carnaval season.

Mills is a US citizen who has been visiting the island for over seven years, and through her work as an art teacher, was inspired to give local children in San Pedro a chance to express their creativity. With the funds raised at home from the parents and students in her class at Temple Hill, in Newburgh, New York, and from SPRCS, Mills was able to purchase paints at a discounted rate from Castillo's Hardware.

Through this project, she has been able to give back to the community while at the same time, inspiring children. This year's project is still of the Barrier Reef, but in a far different style from what was done last year. The painting contains images of the creatures of the sea, in bold, splashy colors, and certainly is vibrant and beautiful.

The 20 or so students who have been faithfully returning to finish the paint job are pleased with the work, and glad to have something so beautiful for their school. A special thanks goes to Liza Mills for making this project possible, and kudos to all involved!

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Re: SPRCS fence gets another facelift - 01/02/11 04:17 PM

Hope the High School follow suit on this great idea, as their wall on the beach looks awful.
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